San Gabriel River near County Road 258

The allure of local rivers

I’ve always been drawn to water, especially to rivers. The sights and sounds of water flowing calm my soul. Some of my favorite motorcycle rides are those which lead to river crossings. I love the unobstructed view of the water as we ride slowly past. A low-water crossing is even more thrilling. The Texas Hill Country is home to many beautiful river and creek crossings, and I’d love to see them all. I’ve watched eagles hunt for fish on the Llano, hiked down to the Pedernales, stacked rocks near the Colorado, and simply sat quietly by the clear green water of the Blanco as it swirled downstream. This image is the north fork of the San Gabriel River as it flows under County Road 258, northwest of Lake Georgetown. On that particular evening, I arrived just in time for the sunset. I placed my camera on the bridge, pointed it toward the west, and captured the clear water, the clouds, and the final moments of the sunlight.

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