A friendly Room mate

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
A friendly Room mate

I'm sitting on old waman xxxgx the couch when Lexia walks into the room. Now let me first share something about Lexia she has been like a /friend/best-friend/">best friend to me since I came here to visit loving heart with no foul intentions, eyes that completely pull you in even when she's not really looking at you. As for her body she's about 5'3 with meat on her and I /ass/thick-ass/">thick ass that I refer to ass two watermelons side by side.

And her tits oh oh my her breasts are a 42 DD and they make your mouth just drool. But I have never crossed that line have I fantasized "yes". I would be lying if I said. "No".

Back to my story I'm sitting on the couch when Lexia walks into the room she's wearing a purple tank top, push up bra that's making her tits look bokep sma pecah perawan bigger than they are and is making her tits say "free me please". A pair of white boy shorts and I notice that THERE'S NO PANTY LINE. I'm starting to already feel funny. Our third room mate is gone for the weekend.

So we are trying to get out of the house to the settling cool air. Lexia says "go get dressed lets get out of here for a bit. We'll make something to eat later or grab something while we are out." I get up and dressed and I'm. Phew I need some air anyways. She decides we're going to a club I look at her and instantly she responds "you forgot didn't you, I got you don't worry" she looks at the bouncer who happens to be a friend of hers.

And in seconds we are in the door. She orders us a couple of drinks and I'm noticing she's now staring at me not just looking at me but staring at me. I look at her and ask her "what's wrong?" She replies "nothing but we need to go." Now I'm looking at my watch like we've only been here two hours but choose not to argue.

When we get to the house she's quiet not one word I'm wondering now did I say something, not say something. What's the deal here