Tinas First Time

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Tinas First Time

Tina had just turned 15 and was excited about her first job. She was going to water old Mrs. Thompson's houseplants for a whole month while Mrs. Thompson went on a tour of India and Pakistan.

"Thank you so much, Tina," she said, handing her the keys. "I know I can trust you. When I went to Peru last year, I hired a student and I came home to a houseful of sick plants! Here is half of your pay, and I'll give you the rest when I arrive back home.

"Also, Tina," she went on, "My grown may be in town for a night or two. Don't be alarmed if he's here."

Tina went home and counted her money as soon as she got inside. $100! Mrs. Thompson was paying her nearly ten dollars a day to water her plants! Granted, there were an awful lot of them, but still! Tina had never had so much money at her disposal.

After a week of faithfully watering Mrs. Thompson's plants, Tina was starting to get bored. There were over eighty plants. Still, she had promised, and she always kept her word.

One Tuesday night, just as Tina was about to water the plants in the downstairs bathroom, she heard the back door unlock. At first she was alarmed, but soon calmed down when she realized it must be Mrs. Thompson's grown son.

"Hello?" she called. "Mr. Thompson?"

She turned the corner and saw in the kitchen a tall, broad-shouldered man, about 6"5", with a full black beard, dressed in loose jeans and a woolen shirt of red plaid. He ran his finger uncertainly through his thick mass of black curls and said, "Can I help you?" in a deep, scratchy voice.

"I'm Tina," she said, "I'm watering your 's plants."
"She told me about you," said the tall stranger.
"I'm just headed upstairs," she said. "I'll be done soon."

"Take your time," said the man, as he opened the freezer door and took out a frozen meal. "Come say hello again before you leave." 
Tina turned and left the room. Her heart was racing, for some reason. Usually she felt repulsed by thick beards, but something about this man was attractive! She shook her head. He was in his forties if he was a day. How ridiculous! She refilled the watering can and headed into Mrs. Thompson's bedroom.

She had just finished watering real forced anal against her will the aloe plants and the ferns when she heard a sound. She turned and saw Mr. Thompson standing in the doorway of the room.
He was smiling, but it wasn't a nice smile. 

Tina dropped her watering can.
"Oh- sorry- what a mess, I ""
"Tina, right?" said the towering stranger.
"Looks like you spilled some water on yourself."

It was true. Her school uniform was soaked all the way down the front, and water trickled onto her bare legs and all the way onto her white knee socks. 
"Let me get a towel and help you dry off. It's cold out. You can't walk home soaking wet."

He disappeared into the bathroom and came back with a fluffy white towel. He crouched before her and began to dab at her shirt. She wasn't sure, but she thought she felt his hand graze her breast. She hoped he couldn't hear her heart pounding through her shirt.

Mr. Thompson reached down and began to dry her legs. Tina was glad she"d shaved them this morning. They were nice and smooth. She had great legs, she knew. If a bit on the skinny side. Suddenly the towel was rubbing against her inner thigh. Then the towel was gone and in it's place was the rough hand of a man. Mr. Thompson was massaging her thigh with one hand and kneading her tight, pert butt in his other.

Tina moaned in spite of herself. She felt dizzy, and between her legs she was growing very moist.
Mr. Thompson moved his hands to her hips, steadying her.

"Lift your skirt," he commanded in his gravelly voice. She did, and he began to kiss her white cotton panties, tasting her through the thin fabric.
"Ohhhhhh," she moaned, barely able to stand.

He wrestled the panties down to her thighs and gently kissed her pussy lips. Her knees were so wobbly by now that nothing but Mr. Thompson's firm hands on her hips were keeping her upright.

His tongue flicked over the soft, warm flesh surrounding her virgin cunt. "Oh my God," Tina moaned. She was soaking wet now.

He lifted her up and carried her over to his mother's bed and lay her down on the edge. He pulled the panties off of her legs and tossed them aside. He opened her legs, put his bearded face between them, xnxxv sunny leone video and let his tongue wander into her pussy. She tasted like heaven, this teenage girl, her skirt falling over his head. He reached up to feel her through her blouse, finding her nipples and playing with them and he licked at her pussy, slowly at first, then faster and faster as she began to buck her hips up toward him, burying his face in her pussy.

"Mr. Thompson".Oooohhhh"..ohhh"""no"..oh God""yes, Mr. Thompson"..yes""OH GOD YES"".OOOOOOOOOOOOoohhhhhhh!!!!"
Her hips bucked toward him and her legs jerked in the air and her delicicious juices filled his mouth. 

He stood up then and looked down at her, still mostly dressed, and he had to have her, and he had to see this girl nude.
She shook her head sleepily as he unbuttoned her blouse.

"No, Mr. Thompson," she said. "Don't. I'm so tired. I want to just lay here."
He rolled her over to unhook her bra, then pushed her onto her back again so he could look at her perfect breasts, small and soft and fresh. He tore off her skirt, revealing her delicious pussy and then he stood and unbuckled his belt.

Tina saw what he was about to do and cried out.

"No," she said, "I can't do that. I'm sorry. Things got out of hand is all. Please. I'm only fifteen! You can't! You can't!" 
But her cries were in vain. Her orgasm had left her too weak to move, and Mr. Thompson's jeans were already on the floor. He yanked off his briefs revealing a huge, angry penis which seemed to be glaring at Tina. 

He knelt over her on the bed and began to fondle her breasts.
"You got what you wanted, didn't you, Little Girl?" he asked her roughly. 
"Now it's my turn."

He sucked hungrily at one breast as he continued to play with the other in his big, strong, callused hand.
Then he got up on his knees, and rubbed his throbbing cock against her soft, , still tense from the power of her recent orgasm.

"Haven't had virgin pussy in a long time," he said, running his hand down her smooth, flat stomach. 
Tina lay there, helpless. He held down her hips with both hands as he positioned his cock.
She readied herself for the pain she knew would soon come.

"Ungh!!!!" came the satisfied grunt from Mr. Thompson as he ploughed into her virgin pussy with full force.
Tina cried out from the pain and raised her legs in the air, which allowed Mr. Thompson to push his way into her further.
"Yeah, little pussy. Yeah," he grunted as he steadily pumped her, grabbing her by the ankles and forcing her legs up over his shoulders.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, as he squeezed the flesh on her ass, tweaked her nipples and rubbed her ankles, all without missing a beat in the steady rhythm of his pumping her. 

Tears streamed down Tina's face. His cock was huge and her pussy was already swollen from her orgasm. His meat was tearing at her flesh with every thrust and the pain was too intense to compensate for the rising tide of pleasure coursing through her.

"Unnnnnh,, ,UNH< yeah, baby"OHHHHH. Tina"" OH yeah"YEEAAAHh"" he grunted, pumping her pussy harder and harder.
Mr, Thompson felt himself about to burst. Tina felt his balls slapping against her ass as the thrusts grew faster and more urgent.

"OH GOD BABY my baby my baby oh god lil girl I'm going to cum"OH GOD OH YES".YEEEEEAAAHHHHHHHHHH>>>>UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHhhh."
Tina gazed up at the hairy stranger over her; His face looked twisted in pain but she knew that it was really intense pleasure that Mr. Thompson was feeling. 
He collapsed onto her, and pulled his spent penis out of her swollen, bleeding cunt.

"Guess you better finish watering them plants, girl," he said. "I'll expect you tomorrow around the same time. You better be ready for what I'm gonna give you, Girl," he said with a grin.