A School Sex Lesson

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A School Sex Lesson

Jason opened the door with shyness and apprehension. The schoolroom was much different then he was used to. The desks were all gone, the floor was covered in blankets of different sizes and colors strewn about as if it were only met to cover the floor, no matter in what fashion. The large oak desk was cleared off and the 6 foot long, 4 feet wide top was also covered in padding. These blankets were all thick white bed sheets, neatly placed so that the entire area of the desk was covered with the soft cloths. The desk was huge, since the room was also monstrous it suited the place. I was so large that two people cold lie on top it, next to each other, with comfort. The desk was also placed directly in the center of the room, on top of some of the blankets. The counters were also cleared off except for one spot that had a large black bag resting on top of it. This bag was on the part of the counter closest to the /teacher/">teacher of room 106, the room Jason was about to enter. 

Jason walked slowly out of the hallway and into the open doorway, he took a few steps forward on the tiled floor, until he reached the spot were the blanket covering began. He gazed up into the eyes of his teacher as he once again examined her beauty. 

Rachael Galf was the youngest and by far hottest teacher at Globe Junior High. She had short hair to her shoulders, as black as the night. Her white lacey blouse showed of the outlines of her glorious C cup breasts. Jason could tell even from his position that the navy skirt she was wearing showed off the /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass of the 23-year old. The slits along the sides of the skirt revealed plenty of her clean- shaven legs. Overall this outfit left very little to the imagination of the young boys and possibly even girls who had fantasized about the 10th grade biology teacher. 

Jasons cock stirred in the black pants of his school uniform. Many students thought they were unnecessary, because of the discomfort the dress stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv pants, brown shoes, white collared shirt and long white socks that were made of wool. Jason did not mind so much, although he was tall for an eighth grader, almost 6-foot. He had blue eyes and curly brown hair. Although he was tall he was still at the weight and muscle standards of the average kid his age. This was from his track and field practices, which were all the time.

The science goddess walked slowly but surely up to Jason. He stood nervous, not quite knowing the intent of the teacher. Why was he here? He had wondered over this ever since lunch, when Miss Galf had silently walked up to the young boy and asked him to be at her classroom at 3 o clock, precisely when all the busses had left. She had spoke of his parents, reassuring him that she had told them that you would be arriving home late. Before Jason could say anything she had left. She was smiling, so he might not be in trouble, but the smile itself was mischievous, and Jason had never seen it on her before.
She was now directly in front of him. "Ashley has been talking to me about you, Jason," her voice was quite, yet as beautiful as an angels was. Jason cleared his throat. 

"Well? um? Miss Galf?" Jason paused, he wondered why he had so much trouble speaking and then he realized it was because his dick was hard, he was all alone with a woman almost twice his age, and she was as sexy as a supermodel. 
"Oh, please, as long as were not in class call me Rachael. I hate my last name. But anyway about Ashley, we understand each other you see. We are the same type of women, we think the same. Your girlfriend tells me you have been having a little trouble white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie in your relationship?" she now spoke a bit more loudly, but with the same alluring voice.

"Yeah, you see we have been going out for a year now, and um? well, we just started 10th grade and nothing really changes in relationships in Jr. High? so I just thought we could take it to a more mature level. When I asked she didnt answer me about it," Jason was feeling really tense at this moment.
"Since its Friday you should probably talk to her tomorrow. You see Jason she wanted me to train you, make sure you could please a woman and be relied upon," she saw his protesting look and continued. "Even if it is only small dates, and other teen stuff, she wants to be sure youre ready. Will you do it? I must say it would be fun for both of us. Your so nice and handsome I would be happy to show you," she took a step closer and Jason could see the white teeth of her awesome smile. He could tell she was up to something, even though he was nervous, he was totally turned on by this. After all, she wouldnt go that far with him.
"Yes," he mumbled.

"Excellent, but there is one more thing. If you agree you must do anything I ask without question. If you dont Ill tell everyone I caught you masturbating after school. Do you understand?"
He tensed when she said these things but he still wanted to do this. He nodded. "Jason we are going to have sex. God I have been so horny ever since lunch! Lets FUCK!" she screamed this last part, Jason had never here use such language or scream that loud. But after all there was no one in the school and they were about to fuck.

Jason no knowing Rachaels true intent got so ecstatic with anticipation. He had desired this for so long. He threw his shirt over his head onto the counter; along with the pants he hurriedly pulled off and was now standing in nothing but his socks and white briefs. Rachael was now leaning against the desk; her tongue moving back and forth over her teeth, her hands was caressing her thighs. She moved forward and kissed him. This was his first kiss, and it was long and passionate with their tongues meeting. Her right hand fondled his hair while her left squeezed his buttocks through the thin white material.
She pulled back gasping for air. "Take of your underwear and the socks, NOW!" she screamed with lust. Jason pulled off his reaming clothes and Rachael gasped. "Oh, its beautiful!" she exclaimed.

It was a sight to see Jasons cock was six and a half inches long with hair dotting all over it. Rachael then slipped off her high heels, and skirt throwing them into a corner. Jason could see the yellow lace panties and socks. His cock grew even bigger. Rachael lay down on the desk and Jason leaped on top of her. He kissed her on her mouth using his tongue to lick her neck and ear, his cock rubbing on her open stomach. She flipped him over, spreading her legs wide just above his cock, so that she was sitting on his tummy with the back of her panties caressing his penis. She began removing her blouse and then practically ripped off her flowery bra. She leaned forward letting her breasts hang over his face as he greedily licked them. His world was now her tits, sucking the nipples as if he were a newborn.

"Yes baby, suck mommys boobs! Suck them!" she screamed. Alex could take it no more, he used his strength and ripped her underwear to shreds, he could feel her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy screaming for attention. She flipped over so her head was in front of his dick, in the 69 position. 
"SUCK!" she commanded in a fierce voice. She then plunged his dick into his mouth, her lips caressing and her tongue darting all over the place. Jason was in heaven the sheer pleasure was great. But he didnt have time to think her legs wrapped around her head forcing him to smell the exotic aroma of her clit. She began licking and probing slowly but surely, stopping at the places she moaned at from her position. Rachael however seemed to want to get him to cum as quickly as possible he could feel his hot juices spilling into her as she licked them all up greedily. 

He was also doing good from his end, bringing her closer and closer to a tremendous orgasm in which she shook violently and screamed bloody murder. "Immmm CUMMMMMMMMMMINNGGGG!" She cummed indeed, Jason proceeded to lick every bit of her sex off her body.
He didnt have time to think, she switched position again this time riding on top of his now once again, /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. She began moving quickly up and down and Jason did his best to thrust back. Pleasure was all around both of them. Faster and faster striving for a climax, both wanting this to last as long as possible. "Fuck me! FUCK ME DAMMIT!" Rachael demanded.
"Come on! Faster FUCKKKKKKKK, Im gonna cum!" Jason joined in and indeed he was about to climax.
"Dont pull out, dont you dare pull out!"

He then ejaculated what seemed like gallons of sperm into her womb. This hot occurrence caused Rachael to orgasm for the second time that day. She pulled out and lay on top of him, both gasping for breath while making out in passionate kissed. Her boobs were the attention of his hands, as he searched out every crevice of them. She used her legs to attend to his shriveled cock. She then got up and slipped on his underpants. 
"Ill keep these, you go home. I must say you are an excellent, learner," she smiled and Jason dressed in silence without underwear his uniform felt weird. When they were both ready Rachael kissed him a final time. "Hey Jason, come back tomorrow and Ashley and I promise to give you a through lesson, followed by an ORAL examine."

He smiled and she walked him to the door, her hand slapped his ass and squeezed hard. "Goodbye Jason."
"Goodbye Rachael."