The Affair With My Stepmother

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The Affair With My Stepmother

I could not stop thinking about her perfect breasts, her fit behind and her beautiful, long legs. That was all I thought about all those endless workdays at my fathers house. I was there to put paint on the freshly-build walls and to give a helping hand in general. The house had been under construction for over a year and it still wasnt complete. When I had started working there had been some process but now my working pace had decreased. I couldnt concentrate! Every once in a while my mind again wandered to my stepmothers awesome body. Her voluptous lips, those curvy hips..

My parents had separated about 3 years ago. My mother had got engaged after two years and my father quickly found a /wife/new-wife/">new wife for him. My grandmother suspects that my father had this change-of-wife planned even before the divorcing process had begun. If that was really the case I could never forgive my /dad/">dad for treating my mother that way. And still ? I couldnt really blame him.
My mother was still a piece of work at the age of 40 but dads new wife, Lucy, was from another world. And she was just 22, only three years older than I am!

Lucy had been an athlete before, but for the past four years she has been on a break. That had worked for her perfectly: you could see that she had a strong base and a flawless bearing but there was no sign of those /ugly/">ugly-looking athlete-muscles on her arms or legs. She had a flat stomach with no six-pack.

She was allmost my height, that being about 6 /feet/">feet tall. She wore high heels a lot so she looked sometimes taller than me. She liked to dress very feminine ? which I didnt mind at all! Miniskirts, cleavage showing tight t-shirts and tops, long /blonde/">blonde hair.. Lucy is like a walking wet dream. And those breasts ? I could just look at them for months. I got a sneak peak of her /underwear/">underwear one time and found out that her bra size was 80C.. and that she wore mostly thongs.

Just as I once again stood there daydreaming about Lucy I heared her voice behind of me. ?Hi?, she said. I managed to mumble a ?Hello? and glanzed at her. There she was in her full gorgeusness. She was wearing a white leather jacket and under it was something that looked like a bright-red tube top. She had my favourite black miniskirt on and on her feet she had white leather boots that fitted her /legs/sexy-legs/">sexy legs like a dream. ?Youre home early?, I tried to sound neutral but I couldnt hide my happyness. ?Oh, I didnt have any classes today so I went shopping instead?, she replied with that sexy smile of hers. She was studying to become a nurse. ?I bought these boots, do you like them?? she asked. ?Theyre hot!?, I responded without thinking. When I realised what I just said my face turned red. ?I meant theyre..? I tried to cover but she interupted me by saying: ?Thank you.? Then she showed me her smile again and left the room with her full shopping bags. 

It took allmost ten minutes to get my act together. When I finally started getting some work done Lucy interrupted me again. ?Earl just called, he has to stay at the office late again. He told me to ask you to stay for a couple more hours if you could..? She was still wearing those white boots and miniskirt but she had switched to a pink blouse. And she put some netstockings on. ?Sure, I dont mind.? She smiled and said: ?Good. I thought you would so I made some extra sandwiches for a snack. Would you like to join me in the kitchen?? Oh baby, anywhere you like it, I thought but managed to just say: ?Okay.? So I closed the paint can and followed her swaying bottom to the kitchen.

We ate the sandwiches very quietly. A couple of times she looked at me and when I looked at her she smiled and looked away. I wonder what was on her mind. When we finished and started to go back to my work she stopped me and asked me to come to the living room with her. ?My favourite show is on the TV and I hate to watch it alone. Come on, you cant work with a full stomach anyway.? I tried to sound reluctant and agreed. 

We sat on the couch side by side and watched TV for 10 minutes. I couldnt help taking long looks on her thighs and cleavage. I dont think she caught me looking. When the commercial break started she quickly stood up and asked: ?Do you want to see what else I bought today??. ?Why not?, I answered and she disappeared to the bedroom.

Five minutes passed and there was no sign of Lucy. Just as I was about to go look for her she appeared to the doorway. I had to focus on not to drool all over the livingroom carpet. She was wearing a pair of /panties/red-panties/">red panties and a matching red bra ? and the white boots. That was the sexiest sight I have ever witnessed. ?Well, what do you think??, she asked with a wicked smile on her beautiful face. ?Very nice?, I said. ?I thought you might like them?, she said as she showed me the backside and her barenaked ass. ?I bought these for your dads pleasure but I decided to you use you for a test-drive ?, she explained. You can use me any way you like, I thought. ?Whats the matter?? she asked and I realised that my face was all red again. ?Nothing?, I mumbled and tried to change to another position to hide the throbbing lump in my pants. ?Are you sure?? she asked with a worried tone and came to me. She started to examine me from the head down and when she reached my groin the lump was impossible to hide. ?Oh, I see what the problem is? she said and smiled sexily. ?Let me help you with that?, she whispered and grapped my penis. She slowly undid my zipper and pulled my pants down to my ancles. Then she tickled the head of my dick with her finger and then gave it a good lick from bottom to top. ?Oh god!? I shivered and my penis was completely in her mounth. 

She started to move her head up and down slowly. I was sure that this is heaven and this /blonde/sexy-blonde/">sexy blonde angel is sucking my cock. And the angel happens to my stepmother! As I had that thought I felt guilt and shame but the pleasure was too much to handle. I looked on her and realised again how perfect she was. Those round-shaped boobs were hanging down a little as she was kneeling between my legs. I moved my hand in order to fondle those melons but before I got there Lucy stopped sucking and took my hand. ?Look but dont touch? she whispered with a serious look on her face. I nodded and she alain lyle porn continued with taking care of me. A blowjob had never felt so good. Her technigue was extremely satisfying and the situation was so forbidden that it added extra tension. She began to pick up the pace and I knew my peak was near. ?Im close? I panted and she looked me in the eyes as she continued. She looked so amazing. ?Oh!?, I allmost jelled as my penis indian santali xvideo exploded in her mounth. She continued so suck the juises out of me slowly and then pulled out and swallowed it all. I was speechless. Lucy giggled and said: ?Im gonna go wash up a little. Wait here.? I nodded.

Within minutes she returned. ?Follow me?, she said and walked to the bedroom. I put my pants back on and entered the candle-lit room. ?I want to try these too?, she was holding a pair of handcuffs. ?Okay?, I responded and my arrousal was beginning to come back. ?Tie me to the bedpost?, Lucy commanded and I did that. ?Now its your turn to touch?, she informed me with a sexy grinn. 

I didnt know where to start. Her pornstarlike body was in front of me and I could do to her whatever I wanted. I started by kissing her legs and she seemed to enjoy that. I moved further upnorth and her moaning became louder. Her thighs were so soft and her skin was like silk. I kissed her belly and at the same time began rubbing her pussy through her red panties. Her breathing became harder and she started to twitch a little. I stopped rubbing to remove her bra and I suddenly I was touching the things I had dreamed about for months. Her breasts were even better than in my wildest fantasies. They looked like too good to be true but they didnt feel fake. They were my dream come true. I kissed them, fondled the nippless with my fingers and sucked them gently. Lucy moaned. My other hand returned to her groin and I started kissing her lips wildly. She responded with a lot of tongue and it was obvious that we both were like in heat. We were grinding our bodies together and kissing passionately. Lucy broke off our kiss and whispered to my ear: ?Make love to me?.

I allmost tore her panties off and got rid of my own clothes. My penis was in full condition again. I laid myself on top of her and inserted my cock into her with force. She screamed with pleasure and we started moving together. It was happening, I was fucking my fathers wife. It was out of this world. We grinded our bodies so close that we could have moulded into one person. Her body felt so good to my skin. Her legs were wrapped aroung me and pushing my hips deeper and deeper into hers. With every thrust her screams of pleasure grew and I responded to them with my own heavy breathing. ?Harder! Harder, oh yeah?, Lucy jelled and I couldnt agree more. After some time I felt my peak comming again. ?Im allmost there?, I screamed. ?ME TooOO!?, Lucy screamed and she had a forcefull orgasm that shook her whole body. Two thrust later I came inside of her. It felt amazing. After that we just laid there side by side looking at eachother and gasping for air. ?So, do you feel better now??, Lucy asked with a smile. ?I feel great!?, I laughed.

As you can imagine I didnt get much painting done in the following weeks either..