Part I Roommates

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Part I Roommates

I am living on my own with a roommate, who even I have to admit is a /girl/hot-girl/">hot girl. So I come home from work early one day and am hella horny and decide that I'm going to take care of business myself. I go to my room and close the door, but I don't lock it because my roommate isn't supposed to be home for an hour or so. Well I open up my little drawer of fun and pull out two /toys/">toys... one's a straight dildo and the other is a dildo with like a rabit's head so the ears play with the clit. I'm not sure which one I want to start with so I decide to look for something to jump start my mind. Well i thought about logging onto the net to look at some erotic stories, but I remembered that my laptop was in my roommate's room. 

So I go to her room, dressed in only a teeshirt that barely covers my ass. While in there looking for my laptop, i come across her porn collection. I am shocked to see that the titles are mostly girl on girl action or girl on girl with guy action. Feeling guilty for snooping in her room I turn to leave and decide to take a video... I just grabbed the closest one without even looking at the title.

I return to my room and pop in the tape. So I popped in the tape and on my screen come two girls who are "practicing" dancing. It looks more like they are freaking each other, but i figure what the hell... maybe I should just see what happens... So then the girls start kissing and I just watch and they start undressing and I can feel myself getting wet. I'm blowjob porn videos shocked at it because I never thought of myself as one of those girls who would sleep with another girl. Now the girls are touching each other and kissing and sucking on each other and I figure what the hell they are pleasuring each other and I can pleasure myself, so I slowly start to rub my pussy with my right hand... My finger tips playing slightly with my clit. I then take my left hand and start playing with my nipples... pinching them lightly and making them get harder. The noises of the two girls is getting me more horny and I start to play more with my pussy... I start rubbing my clit quickly building myself soo close to orgasm. Just before I orgasm I stick the dildo in and start pumping it in and out with my left hand while my right hand plays with my clit... Just as I start to cum there's a knock on my door.

Oh shit i think to myself. it's late and my roommate's home. "Hold on second" I call out as I try to turn off my TV and hide my toys with my pillow...just then my roommate just comes into the room as I'm trying desperately to hide what was going on. She looks at me and then what's on my TV and pulls back the pillow to see my toys. "Ah, fuck, if I had known it was take care of yourself day I would have joined in on the fun. Mind if I watch the porno too?" I figure why the hell not and started to put the toys away, when she touches my hand and tells me "No, we might need those later." I'm shocked but think "why the hell not" 

So i scoot over on my queen size bed and let her sit with me. We watch the porno for a while and she starts getting noticably turned on. Her nipples are so hard against her shirt and she's leaving a wet spot in her pants. Meanwhile, I'm still wearing only the tee shirt. She asks if she can strip down to be as comfortable as I am, and I say sure. I expected her to go to her room to get a tee shirt or something but she strips down to her bra and g-string. She sits next to me again and I'm getting turned on by how beautiful she is and knowing she's horny gets me horny too. I told her that I felt overdressed compared to her and put on my /thong/">thong /underwear/">underwear and my bra and sat on the bed with her. We both kind of giggle that giggle girls do and watch a little bit more of the porno.

Now on the screen those two girls are really doing things to each other...they are sucking on each other's nipples and french kissing each other and fingering each other. I look over and see my roommate start absentmindedly playing with herself... I guess I was staring because she stopped and smiled at me and told me that I should do it too. So I started to play with myself and we watch each other play with our pussies through our panties. We continue to play with ourselves and it's obvious we're both getting closer to orgasm when I stop myself from cumming. 

My roommate however, allows herself to cum. She turns to me and smiles and says "It's not nice to make a /girl/girl-cum/">girl cum alone..."at which point she reaches across me and starts playing with me!! I'm startled and start to push her hands away when she grabs my left hand and handcuffs me to my own bed! Then with my right hand she leads it to her breasts. She tells me "You have two options... you can either play with my titties or you can be completely handcuffed" 

By now her hand has found my clit and she's rubbing it so quickly that I know I'm going to explode soon so I start playing with her nipples... pinching and rolling them and getting them rock hard. The more I play with her nipples the more she trembles and the faster she works my clit. My hips lift off the bed and I cry out as I start to orgasm and she kisses me so passionately that our tongues immediately start stroking each other and wrapping around each other. 

My orgasm shakes through me and she smiles at me and says "Now if you can play nicely..." And we both laugh. She leaves me handcuffed by my left hand but helps me to sit up a bit more so I can watch more of the porno.

So we go back to watching the porno and I tell her that I'm feeling even more horny than before. Now the girls on the screen are playing with each other with dildos. My roommate smiles and strips off her panties and then invites me to strip mine also. I do my best to take them off one handed but when I have some problems she smiles and helps me take the thong off the rest of the way. we both sit back and start playing with our pussies again while watching the two girls playing with the dildos. I'm so hot and bothered again that I want something hard in me and decide to start /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking myself. My roommate grabs the dildo I had been using earlier and stuffs it into her pussy and starts banging herself. She builds herself up and then stops and I smiled and moved her hand away and started pumping the dildo into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy with my right hand. She tries to escape but I just increase the speed of the dildo going in and out of her pussy. She grabs the little rabbit dildo and sticks it inside me and turns it on causing it to vibrate against my clit while she pumps it in and out of my dripping pussy. As I start to feel my orgasm building again, I start fucking her with the dildo faster and harder. She cries out as her orgasm rocks her body. "Not nice to make a girl cum alone, huh?" I tell her and she smiles at me and says "No, and now it's your turn." She undoes my bra releasing my DD to reveal my nipples are hard as rocks. She unhooks her bra stating "Fair is fair. I see your's and you see mine." She shows that she has these beautiful D breasts also and her nipples are as hard as mine. Then she proceeds to start fucking me again with the rabbit dildo while sucking on my nipples. I start to moan and get closer and closer to my orgasm. I reach between our bodies and start playing with her nipples. This only fuels her to fuck me faster with the dildo and suck my nipples harder. I cry out during my orgasm and she sticks the other dildo in and out of my mouth as if I was giving it head.

There's a knock at our apartment door and we both stop and look at each other a little guiltily and she says "Hold that position I'll be right back" She grabs the robe and leaves the room. I start to watch the porno some more and start slowly fucking myself with the dildo I had just been sucking on. I start fucking myself faster and faster with the dildo and was just about to cum again when I hear her voice coming down the hall with a guy! I'm totally embarassed thinking that someone is going to see me this way. Handcuffed by my left hand to my bed, watching a /girl/porno-girl/girl-on-girl-porno/">girl on girl porno and a dildo stuffed into my /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy. My roommate comes back to the room milf porn videos and tells me, "The guy in 3B heard some noises and came to make sure we were all right. Do you think he can join us in the fun?" Now the guy in 3B would be what most girls would call an ordinary looking guy but he had a killer smile. He was also supposed to be moving from the complex this weekend, so I figured why the hell not. So I told my roommate, "Why not? We'll give him a going away present." At which point we both start giggling. She sees the position I'm in and that I'm close to another orgasm so she removes the dildo and says "tsk tsk tsk... naughty naughty... no cumming without a buddy" and then handcuffs my right hand to the bed. She then leaves the room to get the guy from 3B. 

He enters the room and sees me lying on my bed handcuffed and my roommate enters behind him and locks the door behind her. Both the guy in 3B and I are startled to hear the locking of the door. My roommate is now standing in my room wearing some black bra and panty set that look like they're made from vinyl just like the stiletto high heel boots she's wearing. I'm unsure what's going to happen but I'm sure whatever it is, I'm in for a long ride...