Hi Im Annie part 2

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Hi Im Annie part 2

As I sat on the island in Larrys kitchen he was pushing against my knees with his body and had a hand on both of my legs now as he started kissing me. We kissed for a long time before I felt his hands coming up the back of my dress. He licked my neck and I moaned again! I moan too much but god he was so gentle! I asked: "So, tell me, what do you want to do with me on this little island?" He kissed me again and said: "I want to put your /feet/">feet up here. He was pointing to the edge of the island. "And then open your legs and have my desert!" I had trouble talking but said: "But you told me you had a special ice cream for desert! What could be better than that for desert?" His hands were cupping my breasts now as his tongue licked my neck and the top of my chest before going into my mouth! I sucked it harder this time and moaned in his ear: "Oh Larry I missed your touch babe!" He broke the embrace and said: "You would be better than ice cream for desert Annie. Better than anything! Here let me show you what I mean." He lifted my sundress up over my knees to about ? way up my thighs! He began to kiss and lick up my thighs. I held his head as his mouth moved to the edge of my panties. Oh god I knew he could feel my wetness on my panties and smell my musk as his face. I was glad I had put on the perfume. His mouth brushed over my pussy on the outside of my panties. He slowly kissed his way around my pussy and thighs before coming back up to my mouth. He kissed me and said; "Well before I can have desert we have to get these off first." His fingers were already hooked in the legs of my panties xxx and I lifted my ass up so he could pull then off and down my legs. 

He slowly pulled them off each foot by holding one leg up sliding them off my left leg. Then he lifted the other leg and slide the panties them off of it! He was looking me in the eyes as he did it! He put them to his nose took a deep breath before dropping them to the floor. His hands went to my knees and very gently and very slowly opened my thighs! I felt his fingers running up the insides of both thighs as our lips met and he kissed me harder this time sticking his tongue into my mouth! I sucked it as hard as I could! God I was panting already! His fingers slowly worked up to the bones that meet at my /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole. And then he touched /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy directly and slowly opened my outer lips! He began rubbing my pink little insides and I swear I could have screamed with passion! I moaned instead and said his name! He licked my neck and mouth before moving down to my legs again. He kissed his way up my leg like before except this time my legs were wide open. I could feel the warm air coming out of his nose and mouth as he kissed and slowly licked higher and higher up my thighs. He looked up at me and said: "Oh god Annie Your musk and perfume is driving me /crazy/">crazy baby! I remember your musk it so vividly from last time. You know I still have your panties! Oh god baby, youre so beautiful!" He took my feet and slipped off my high heels. 

Yes, I still had them on! He put each of my feet on the edge of the island and pulled my ass to the edge between them. He lowered his head between my knees and licked down between them until he was at my pussy! I moaned: "Lick it Larry. Lick me and make me cum! Oh GOD!!! I have missed your touch!" His mouth was heaven! And, when it touched my pussy! I sighed as I held his head and pushed gently moving it into my center. I moaned out again: "Lick it baby! Lick my pussy! Oh god I missed your tongue so much baby! Mummm! Yes Larry! Thats what I remembered! Oh yes! Oh god yes Larry!! Lick me baby!". He licked and licked my pussy using his fingers to open me even more. I was holding my legs as wide open as I could for him so he could lick my pussy and give me my first orgasm of the night. I could feel it coming on fast and I arched my ass up off the island as I rested on my elbows on the island. I pushing my pussy up into his mouth as he licked me over and over again! I was sure I was going to die and go to heaven! As I felt my cum begin to flow, I told him: Oh Larry! Oh yes baby! Eat me baby! Oh god Im going to cum! Make me cum baby! Mummm!!! Oh yes!! It feels so good! Oh yes! Eat me Larry! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!" Some girls see rockets and hear bells as they cum. I just heard the sucking and licking sounds of my lover between my legs getting me off with the /oral/best-oral/best-oral-sex/">best oral sex I had ever known. His mouth worked my pussy into one /climax/">climax after another until I almost fell off the dumb-ass island in his kitchen.

Part 2

I wasnt even out of my dress and Larry had made me cum 3 times already with that magic mouth of his. Larry caught me as I was falling off the island and held me in his arms kissing me. He said: "I think we better move to the bedroom. Theres more room for us." I smiled as I held my arms around his neck and fucked his mouth with my tongue. He carried me to the bedroom where he undressed me. He unbuttoned the top of the sundress and slowly slide the straps over my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He took off my bra and I heard it drop there too. My eyes were closed and I held my arms around his neck! As he stood there I opened my eyes and said: "Make love to me baby! I want you so /bad/">bad!" he stood there looking at my small body as he undid his shorts and pulled the polo shirt over his head! In 3 seconds he was completely nude with that /fat/big-fat/big-fat-cock/">big fat cock hanging between his legs hard, very hard! He said: "Annie! You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! God baby you are so lovely!" I said: "How about another drink? As long as you talk like that you can do anything you want with me!" He smiled and said: "No baby! I want to remember all of this tonight! I dont need any more booze drink. Come get on the bed and lets make love to each other! Oh god you are so beautiful!!" He smiled and we jumped on the big king-size bed. He pulled me to him and I cover his body with my own. I could feel his cock between my legs as I lay on top of him and started making gentle love. He kissed my ear and whispered: "What would you like me to do first Annie? Is there anything you would like to try? Its your night so tell me what you like the most! OK?" I said: "Yes! Since Im on top now, I want to ride your cock! I want to fuck you first! Here let me put it in." 

I sat up and lifted my body up so I could cover his cock with my pussy. He cupped my breasts as I took it in my hand and pushed down on the base just like he had taught me. The head was shinning with his pre-cum already. His skin was very tight around the /big/big-cocks/big-cock-head/">big cock head and I slowly moved down on it feeling it move up inside my pussy! Heaven!! Slowly I rocked and pumped on his hard shaft moving a little more into my body with each try! When I had all of his manhood in me I said: "Oh god Larry, it was as good as I remembered! Oh god baby! I want you so bad! Fuck me Larry! Make love to me!" he lifted and I arched already. He held my hips and I began to ride up and down, up and down on his long hard shaft! My little body was having thrill after thrill as I continued to work my pussy on his /cock/big-cock/">big cock! He watched my as I closed my eyes and bounced up and down on him! He lifted his knees and told me to lay back and watch his cock going in and out of my body! He said: " Watch babe1 Watch as our sexes mix! Watch as we make each other feel so good. God its so sexy to see our body move together! Watch!" I laid back on his legs and looked down to see my cock disappearing into my pussy again and again. I watched as I felt his long pole more in and out of my pussy. I watched as his cock began to shin with my love juice! And I watched as I saw Larrys face show his passion and desire from my pussy squeezing his cock so tight!! He moaned now as our body moved faster and our sex levels rose higher and higher. He moaned and said: "OH god Annie Im cumming! Oh yes yes yes Ohhhh1 yes! Oh god baby! Oh yes!! So good!! So good!" I rocked back and forth fast as I was squeezing my pussy as hard as I could around his cock as his shot up inside me now. I was trying to give him as much enjoyment as I could give! I was a little shocked he got off so fast! He was the guy with the most endurance I had ever met before tonight!

 He pulled me down on top of him still pumping his cock up inside me. From his cock doing a real good job pumping into me and the feeling of his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum porn videos download shooting up inside me, I was close .to an orgasm. He could always tell and made his body do things that made you reach that last step in the ladder of passion. I began to cum now and moaned as I rocked and rocked my body on his. His hips were pumping up into me much faster now making his cock fly in and out of my hole now and I was having the nicest orgasm I think since the last time he fucked me. 


When we were done he rolled us over and we lay together with him on top of me with his cock still inside me. It was still hard. How did he do that? I mean cum like a racehorse and then still have a very /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. Most guys start to deflate after they cum that hard! Well who cares? He was still hard and I still need him to fuck me some more! I whispered: "Oh Larry! Oh god baby! That was so good. Keep fucking me baby! I need you so1bad!" he kissed he and then kissed down my neck as he lifted up so he could get to my tinny breasts. He smiled down at me and said: "I have no intentions of pulling out Ann I love you and your body! I need more baby! I need to make more love to you Annie I need more of you!!" I moaned and said: "Oh yes, Oh yes babe! Fuck me forever! I love you and your body too!" We began fucking again and it was just as good the second time as it was the first. His hips rocked and his cock pumped and my body arched and I screamed as we both climaxed twice before we both collapsed on the bed. I was covered with his cum. I licked his neck and said: "Shower baby! I need a shower." He said: "Ill wash you Annie! I love touching you!"