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Je Suis Coffee

If you don’t already know about the white food truck located (almost) at the corner of Main and 9th Streets in downtown Georgetown, maybe you’ve seen the eye-catching blue car advertising “Piping hot,” or maybe you’ve heard someone say, “Gotta get my cold brew.” Say what? Je Suis Coffee knows how to catch the public’s attention.

New brew.   Je Suis Coffee’s co-owner and operator Lindy Hird-Redick loves learning new things. When she started roasting her own organic coffee beans and making espresso for her husband and business partner, Rob Redick, he encouraged her to take the brew to the community.

Slow down.   Like any other coffee, Je Suis blends energize coffee aficionados. However, Lindy and Rob believe that because life can move so fast, it’s important to slow things down sometimes. Je Suis is helping them do just that. They roast the beans in small, two-pound batches and use a lever machine, as opposed to the push-button machines used at many coffee shops, to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. Their process is much slower, but on any given Saturday morning, it’s evident that Je Suis customers are willing to wait.

A range of roasts.   Je Suis roasts and sells five varieties of coffee, featuring one of the five blends each day. On any day, customers can order an espresso, latte, cappuccino, cold brew, nitro cold brew (infused with nitrogen), or a regular cup o’ joe. Je Suis doesn’t yet offer decaf coffee because Lindy and Rob haven’t yet found fair-trade organic green decaffeinated beans, and according to Rob, they’re not about to lower their standards.

Noshes.   Je Suis also sells kefir juices and supports other local entrepreneurs by offering locally made pastries and—on Saturdays—bagels baked locally by Clark’s & Father Bagels. (Plus, Rob believes that people like having something to eat with their coffee.)

Beans for buying.   Single and subscription orders of beans can be placed through Je Suis Coffee’s website. Also available to order and ship online are sample packs of beans and Je Suis t-shirts and hats. Lindy and Rob hope to be bottling Je Suis cold brew and nitro cold brew in the near future.

For more information about Je Suis Coffee, visit or

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