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Buy and sell from the comfort of home on Facebook

If you’re a garage sale aficionado, you might like to know about a more convenient way to hunt for bargains. Facebook Swap and Sell groups and pages are a hot social media trend. Here, Williamson County, Texas Yard Salegroup administrator (and avid user) Danielle Stone tells us about these groups:

How do Swap and Sell sites work?

Searching for swap and sell sites on Facebook with your city or county name in the title and then request to join a local group. To sell, post pictures of and details about your unwanted items. Other group members comment on or send private messages about items they are interested in via Facebook, and the seller replies with pickup details.

What’s the appeal of Swap and Sell groups versus a good old fashioned garage sale?

You don’t have to wait until Saturday, and items can move quickly. When we were about to move, I was able to sell a swing set in a matter of minutes. And if you’re looking for something specific, it’s easier to scroll through posts from the comfort of home.

Tips for quick selling:

  • Describe items in detail.
  • Include pictures and a price, if applicable.
  • Be honest about wear, scratches, and tears.
  • Include locations where you’re willing to meet.
  • Be polite.

Tips for safe buying:

  • Make transactions in a public place during daylight.
  • Bring someone with you.
  • Meet at a cell carrier location if you’re buying a cell phone; the carrier can confirm it’s not stolen.
  • Utilize designated safe zones for buying and selling, such as Georgetown police station parking lots and the lobby at the Georgetown Police Department at 3500 DB Wood Road.

There are many different groups to join that service Williamson County. Here’s a list to get you started:

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