Jeannine Weisbrod

Living room remodel

Tired of dark walls, heavy fabrics, and an outdated living room? You don’t have to move or knock down walls to get an open, brighter living space. The View picked up four remodeling tips from Jeannine Weisbrod, owner of Diva, the Ultimate Design Studio.

Work Around the Fabric.   Start a remodel by working around your favorite fabric. Usually, you can work from the bottom up, and start with the rug. It’s far more difficult to match a rug to a wall color than the other way around, and there are fewer rugs to choose from than paint colors. You don’t have to get rid of your favorite rug—even a black rug can complement a modern room if the furniture and wall color are light. In general, patterns are out, and simple color schemes or graphics are in.

Spend More on Furniture.   Choose furniture with neutral colors and a hearty material so that it will last through various style changes, kids (or grandkids), and dinner parties. For example, Crypton fabric won’t stain even if you spill wine or rub soy sauce into the fabric!

Careful—Paint Is Picky!   Pick shades that complement and are a shade lighter than the rug and furniture. But watch out—the sun can change the look of the paint five times in a day. “We suggest painting one wall [at first] to make sure you really like the color,” Martin, a stylist at Diva, says.

Don’t Avoid Color.   In the past five years, the trends have featured less and less color. However, be cautious of going too neutral. Clients who do tone on tone often quickly return to Diva for some color. Blues, corals, and greens are popular for pops of color. Work these colors into your art and throw pillows. Pro-tip: mixing of metals is in. Don’t be afraid to mix golds and silvers into your decor.

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