Smart home

How smart is your home?

You don’t have to be a billionaire to have a smart home. Dozens of companies offer a range of home automation. From remote-controlled shades to app-operated grills, managing your home is more convenient than ever.

How it works.   Control items around your house using the internet. Simply push a button or use a verbal command (i.e., “Hey, Siri!”) to lower the air conditioner setting while you relax in bed or start your grill while you’re still at the grocery store. It’s like having a butler made up of preferences, settings, and gadgets.

Automate.   The options for home automation are many. Anything that has a switch, button, lever, or pulley probably has an app to automate it. You can automate indoor/outdoor or upstairs/downstairs lights, room temperature, TVs, appliances such as vacuums and ovens, surveillance, baby monitors, locks, and so much more.

Centralize.   Operate your smart phone like you operate your smart phone. Centralize and control information, such as weather, alarms, and social media. Some programs enable operation from an app on a smart phone. Others can be channeled through a hub, like Amazon Echo or Wink Hub 2, or through a universal remote control.

Getting Started.   If you’re connecting multiple parts of your house, consider using a reputable company, which offers a wide range of services as well as installation and customer service. Or start small by looking into companies that cut out the hub. With an internet connection, you control and receive information about your home through your phone, computer, or tablet.

Automate, centralize, and enjoy the home you thought was reserved for the Jetsons or Tony Stark!

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