Xander Ortiz talks beards

You may have seen Xander Ortiz around town. He has a beard. But so do a lot of other guys. Xander is the founder of the Georgetown Beard Club, where like-minded and hairy-faced individuals get together to do good in the community, talk facial hair, and just have fun. Xander tells View what he likes about his beard and why he thinks beards are sprouting on lots of faces.

Why do you think more men are growing beards?

I think it’s one of the effects from the “growing green” movement. Men started looking back at what is natural and beautiful. It’s their own craft and artisanal flare. More men of all ages are remembering that they have the ability to grow beards.

Why do you grow a beard?

I didn’t choose the beard life—the beard life chose me! Maintaining a beard is a craft. I believe it draws out a kind of natural, wholesome respect from people who encounter you, even if they personally don’t prefer beards. I really enjoy the way my own beard feels and looks. Every man should grow his beard out at least once in his life to really know what he can do, even if it’s a baby beard.

Did you think the ladies would like it?

I assumed it would be a turn-off for most girls, but it turned out that a lot of girls liked my beard. A good-smelling, well-groomed beard can be a game-changer for a lot of men.

Does food get in your beard?

Food in the beard is definitely a thing that happens, but you learn quickly how to eat to avoid that. Bearded men have a better sense of exactly where their mouth is than clean-shaven men do, and a true friend will always tell you when you have something in your beard!

Find more information about the Georgetown Beard Club, the next meeting’s time and location, as well as upcoming events and links to social media at www.georgetownbeardclub.com.

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