Russell McNeil

Mad about man caves

When comic book character Batman turned a dank, smelly bat cave into a state-of-the-art man cave (complete with high tech gadgets and a butler), he tapped into something many men want: a private space to call their own. But what makes a man cave, well, a man cave? Area resident Russell McNeil shares his man cave, and a few decorating tips he’s learned along the way, with View.

Location:   Pick a space: a spare room, garage, game room, outdoor shed or building. Just start! Take it a little at a time or go for it all at once. It’s your choice and budget. Russell began his man cave in his garage over 20 years ago and watched it transform as he added to it.

Theme:   What’s your passion? Sports teams? Fishing? Tractors? Russell’s passion is cars. He built his man cave around his 1973 Dodge Charger (Blue Angel) with a matching color scheme, photos, and trophies. Many of the photos hanging in his garage capture him posing with his first car, driving in demolition derbies, and off-roading in 4x4s in the Rocky Mountains. “It shows my past, who I am, and where I’ve been.” Just go with what turns your gears, Russell advises.

Must-Haves:   “There are so many ways to cave that the must-haves are limitless,” Russell says. For a little R&R, choose a comfy chair and good lighting for reading, tinkering with your coin collection, or tying flies. Install a mini-fridge stocked with your favorite beverages and a TV above your workspace. If you want a room for you and your buddies to watch the big game, think rugged furniture that can withstand the abuses of rowdy fans and a few spilled drinks. Narrow down your choices by deciding what you want from your cave. And then . . . Happy Caving!

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