Thanksgiving on Christmas with the Campbells

Checking back in with the Campbells

Last December, Georgetown View ran an article about a family that donated care packages to the homeless in Austin every Christmas Eve for seven years. Readers reached out in many ways to support the Campbells’ tradition of service. More than 200 people aided by providing goods, prayers, money, and time.

“I’m thankful to see how this outreach has grown from just a family vision to a small handful of people to such a large group,” Claudia Campbell says.

The Campbells and company gave away 300 care packages, in addition to several hundred blankets, dozens of sleeping bags, and breakfast for several hundred homeless people. On December 24th, 170 people, some of whom read the Campbells’ story in Georgetown View, came to serve. The volunteers distributed goods, sang Christmas carols, prayed for people, wrapped gifts, and even danced while holding “Merry Christmas” signs.

Trying on gloves with the Campbells

“There is a lot of bad in the world, but every Christmas Eve, under the bridge at I-35 and 7th Street, there’s a lot of good,” Claudia Campbell says. “People of all ages, races, and churches unite for the common goal of being ‘the hands and feet of Christ.’”

If you’d like to be a part of the Campbells’ Christmas Eve tradition, please email Claudia at

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