We’re All Texans

View photographer Carol Hutchinson expresses pride in being a Texan

Bands play, heartfelt speeches echo, and chants protest a variety of issues. The contagious energy I feel when I walk onto the Texas Capitol grounds adds to the grandness of the beautiful granite structure. Standing in line to enter the building, I can’t take my eyes off the architectural details. The engraved bronze hinges that grip the massive entry doors hint at the craftsmanship and history inside. As we tour the House Chamber, I notice more details. Even the door knobs ooze greatness. One detail that struck me, however, was the sight of several protestors—wearing t-shirts proclaiming their various causes or viewpoints—standing shoulder to shoulder, chins high, studying portraits of historic legislators. Perhaps each protestor was unaware that a fierce competitor stood so close, but I’d like to think that, once inside the Texas Capitol, we’re all simply Texans.

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