Coach Don Gregory and the students who help with The Locker

Coach rallies students to care

Southwestern University men’s soccer coach Don Gregory, known affectionately on campus as “Gregs,” has a passion for compassion, and it’s contagious.

After learning about the Georgetown Locker (now The Locker) when it began in 2008, Don immediately began rallying his players and other SU students to get involved. The Locker facilitates “Kids Helping Kids” to benefit Georgetown students in need. Over time, Don and the students formed “Our Little Group” (OLG), an unofficial student organization, as a way to connect Georgetown teens in need to sources of encouragement at Southwestern.

Don says, “Through OLG’s work with The Locker, our students learn that helping others is not just about collecting donations of clothing or toiletries; it’s about becoming engaged with these younger students, learning what life is like for them, and understanding the sacrifices and struggles they endure on a daily basis.”

Senior Southwestern soccer player and active OLG member Allie Dillon says Coach Gregory is the reason she got involved. “Coach Gregs is one of the most selfless human beings I’ve ever met. Everywhere he goes, his positive energy and encouraging outlook on life follow.”

The group periodically fills snack bags for area high school students, tucking encouraging notes in among the treats. Allie says, “As I write these positive affirmations, I picture the teenager who is going to open each message and what impact it’s going to have on his or her day.” She adds that working with OLG has made her realize that helping even in a small way can have a huge impact.

“The lesson I hope to take with me when I graduate,” says Allie, “is that no matter how bad a day I’m having, I need to appreciate the little things in life. It’s the little things that really matter.”

Want to donate to The Locker? Go to for more information.

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