Stroller Strides

Moms, get stroller fit!

Melody Lusk has always been into fitness and exercise, but it wasn’t until she was expecting her second child that she discovered Stroller Strides, a nationwide exercise program specifically designed for mothers with babies. “I thought, ‘Oh, that’s fun. They walk at the park.’” After attending only one workout session, however, Melody was hooked. “Yeah, we walk at the park, but it’s so much more than that!”

Stroller Strides is a full-body workout for moms, encompassing four to five workout stations. But the best part is they still have their babies with them, even utilizing the babies’ strollers in their workout.  “My kids learned to count down before they could count up,” Melody jokes about the exercise reps, “because we’re always counting back like ‘you’ve got ten more to go! Ten, nine, eight’ and then the kids shout ‘seven, six, five. . . . ’”

During nice weather, Stroller Strides in Georgetown is held at Berry Springs Park. Moms and babies walk past the donkeys and wave. “We engage the kids as much as possible,” Melody says. They sing songs, blow bubbles, and wave or flap kid-sized parachutes. All ages enjoy these activities, but to Melody one of the most important lessons her children, and hopefully others, will take away from Stroller Strides is that taking care of their bodies is important.

Now a mother of three, Melody has since become a Stroller Strides instructor certified in prenatal and postnatal exercise. “I love being able to give other moms what Stroller Strides has given me,” she says. It’s not only the workout that Melody loves but also the sense of community. “I always say it’s my village. We do play dates and mom’s night outs. I have friends and my kids have friends. It’s just all-encompassing, and I love it.”

For more information about Stroller Strides, visit  or Georgetown Stroller Strides on Facebook.

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