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New EVHS organization inspires senior girls, offers free prom dresses

For many high school seniors, prom is the event of the year. But with prom dresses typically tagged at hundreds of dollars for a one-night affair, the price of admission can quickly become prohibitive.

“Every girl should have the chance to experience prom, if she wants to,” says EVHS art teacher Terri Carpenter, who helped to create The Ruby Slipper, an organization that provides free prom dresses to EVHS senior girls. “But the more we started talking, the more we realized there’s actually more to this organization than just a free prom dress. It has to be about women believing in women.”

With that concept in mind, Terri and several other EVHS teachers started The Ruby Slipper, a teacher-student organization that not only provides prom attire to senior girls but also teaches them poise, generosity, and self-confidence. Georgetown View spoke with Terri to get the scoop on The Ruby Slipper.

What is the significance behind the ruby slipper?

Our motto is “Women Believing in Women, Making Dreams Come True,” and the ruby slipper signifies support for our young ladies as they transition into womanhood. In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy was given her slippers as well, and they symbolized femininity and power. Red shoes are something that not everyone wears; but when you put them on, you instantly feel powerful.

How does The Ruby Slipper teach young women to be self-confident?

Century21/The Power of 4 is going to host a formal tea for our East View young ladies. We’re going to have several successful and empowering women come to talk about loving yourself and being a successful young woman.

Then, in the spring, we’ll also have a Ruby Slipper Fashion Show with the dresses we’ve collected. And before prom, we’ll have a closet full of dresses, shoes, and jewelry for students to choose and keep if they’d like. Everything will be student-led, with our girls as the leaders.

How much do you estimate that these girls will be saving by getting their prom outfits from The Ruby Slipper?

I’d say anywhere between $300 and $500. A prom dress typically costs around $300, and then another $50 for shoes, plus hair and nails.

What would you like people to understand about The Ruby Slipper?

The dresses are not only for our senior girls in need. They’re for any senior girl who wants a dress and who wants to feel beautiful.

To donate prom dresses, shoes, jewelry, or funds to The Ruby Slipper, simply drop off items at the EVHS front desk or call 512-943-1800 for more information. East View is located at 4490 East University.

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