Former Rangerette Leads GHS Georgettes

“Kick, ladies! Point your feet! Smile!” Nikki Young Prosser shouts as she pushes the thirty-member Georgetown High School Georgettes dance/drill team during a practice session. “There’s no lollygagging! Let’s use our time wisely and get our jobs done in a professional manner.”

Nikki knows she’s hard on the girls, but she wants them to learn the material, practice, and make the changes necessary to perform as a sharp, precise unit. And she should know about sharp and precise. The director of the Georgettes is a former member of the world-famous Kilgore College Rangerettes, best known for their high-kicking abilities and precision dance skills. Before that, the native Texan was a four-year member and captain of the Dripping Springs High School Hi-Steppers.

Georgetown High School Georgettes with team leader Nikki Young in Georgetown Texas Aug 1, 2014

Taking over the Georgettes was challenging for Nikki, who says that “the team was set in their ways and comfortable with how things were, from what they wore at pep rallies to how they walked onto the football field for a performance. They were used to walking on from the front with their backs to the home stands, rather than from the back, facing their own team’s fans; this was a habit that I insisted we change.” Recalling her Rangerette experience, Nikki also pushed the Georgettes to develop more precise movements, higher kicks, and better technique. She says that the pushing paid off when the girls heard the applause and cheers from the crowd at their first football halftime performance of 2012. “They stood a little taller, smiled a little bigger. I saw their sense of pride grow before my eyes.”

Nikki says she’s still learning what works and what doesn’t. “One of the joys of working with high school students is learning something new every day myself . . . like patience,” she says. “I teach a lot of girls, and girls like to talk, and I practice patience by continuing to reiterate what I expect.”


Among Nikki’s priorities is bringing the “Sweethearts of Georgetown High” back into to the public eye beyond the football field. The drill team has won numerous awards at competitions, performed in multiple parades, held dance clinics, and more.

D. Janda, GISD Director of Fine Arts, says, “Nikki has been a breath of fresh air. She is committed to preparing the girls for success, and her ‘tough love’ leadership style has resulted in a team known for their terrific spirit and phenomenal precision.”

While earning two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree, Nikki performed as a Lady Wrangler for the Austin Wranglers arena football team, where she learned that “you have to really want to be part of something in order to get the full experience of it.” She reminds the Georgettes every day that “you only get out what you put in.”

Now in her third year as Georgettes director, Nikki says, “I want these girls to always be proud to be Georgettes, and that starts with my willingness to learn and grow as their leader.”

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