Wine glass at Georgetown Art and Wine on the Square

Festival aims to attract tourists, entertain locals

The wine and art festivals are excited to join forces this year for the inaugural Georgetown Art & Wine on The Square. The event fuses some of the finest Texas wines with upscale art accented by live music. “The 3,000-square-foot tent on 8th Street will house the wines. The tent alone is going to catch a lot of eyes,” Dan Marek, Downtown Georgetown Association President, says.

The Williamson County Wine and Food Festival is in its eighth year but is dropping the food aspect of the festival in favor of art. The event is scheduled for the weekend of September 26th through 28th. The art portion of the festival will be held all three days, while the wine portion will be held only on Saturday, September 27th.

Blue Lotus Art Show Tour, a fine art festivals production group that brings shows to venues where locals appreciate art and tourists enjoy visiting, is hosting the festival’s display of fine and contemporary art. The art show will be held from 3 to 8 p.m. on Friday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, and from noon to 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Paint bushes at Georgetown Art and Wine on the Square

More than a dozen Texas wineries are expected to take part in the winery portion. So far, The Vineyard at Florence, Lakeview Winery, Georgetown Winery, Wedding Oak Winery, Dry Comal Creek Vineyards, and Grape Creek Winery & Vineyard have officially signed on to take part.

Though this is the first year of the combined wine and art effort, Dan and DGA event coordinator Laurie Wendel envision something that will take off and become a local, and even regional, staple. “Originally, Georgetown was the location for the Hill Country Fair. We had it in San Gabriel Park, and about the time we started the wine and food festival, they pulled theirs up to Driftwood. When they did that, it fell apart,” Dan explains. “We brought [the wine and food festival] to continue to have a wine event in Georgetown.”

The wine festival has had several homes before landing at the Square—in the parking lot of a church, at Wolf Ranch, in front of the courthouse, and by the community center. But the Square may be the ideal location, both for residents and visitors.

Live music at Georgetown Art and Wine on the Square

Dan hopes visitors will be tempted to spend the entire day in Georgetown to check out all the fine wines and cool art, with breaks for shopping and eating at local venues on and surrounding the Square.

“This is high end art. It’s not cheap stuff. We’re hoping people who are coming out and shopping will check out the local shops and restaurants. These are people that don’t mind spending $20, $40 on a bottle of wine,” he says.

“We want visitors to come down here and spend the day,” Dan says. He’d eventually like to see up to six 3,000-square-foot tents. He views the art and wine portions of the festival as complementary. For example, someone looking for a new art piece may be interested in checking out the wines, even though that wasn’t in the plans. “They may say, ‘Hey, there’s a wine festival going on.’ They can buy a glass or bottle of wine and take it and enjoy it underneath the trees at the courthouse.”

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Georgetown Art & Wine on The Square Tickets

Dan advises those with a love of wine and art make sure to get their tickets early as admission is limited to the first 600 entrants. Tickets are $30 each and available online only at For more information on Blue Lotus Art Show Tour productions, visit

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