Granny Goose, before

Deserving woman wins makeover from Razmataz Salon

Lucy Valdez spends her time caring for her retired husband, Lorenzo “Shorty” Valdez, her sister, two sons, four grandchildren, and anyone else she can reach. Friends and family call her “Granny Goose.”

“You want to be at my house for Halloween,” she says. “I spend over three hundred dollars on good candy, hot dogs, nachos, and drinks. We sit outside and give away everything to whoever comes. I’ve been doing this for twenty-five years.”

She thrives on giving, but sometimes giving catches up. After spending a long week in the hospital caring for Shorty, she felt and looked exhausted.

She read Razmataz Salon’s offer on Facebook for a free makeover and replied, “I really need pampering.”

Rachel Smith, salon owner, chose her after reading her story and seeing her picture.

Lucy walked into the salon in the middle of a care-taking shift for her sister—dressed in a scrub top, athletic pants, and tennis shoes, her graying hair gathered into a simple knot at the back of her head.

She walked out with a look that better reflected her energetic personality.

What Lucy Wanted

1) What Lucy Wanted:

When her stylist, Jason, sat Lucy down to start on her hair, she couldn’t stop bouncing with excitement.

“I don’t have anything in mind,” she said. “I’m here for a makeover, so you do your magic.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Jason said, and took large sheers and swiftly chopped several inches of hair off.

Highlights and color

2) Highlights and Color:

Grabbing tin foil and purple and blue tinted dyes, Jason started the new style with highlighting and dying. Once dry, the highlights would be a rich, honey color over a deep brown.

Toner and shampoo

3) Toner and Shampoo:

Jason massaged the toner into Lucy’s wet hair before shampooing. This helps soften and blend the color. “I don’t want her highlights to be too blond. I really want more of a honey color.”


4) The Cut:

After thinking over the style, Jason decided on a shoulder-length cut with lots of layers to frame and elongate Lucy’s face and create body and movement.

Blow dry

5) Blow Dry:

Jason used two round brushes and started blow drying from the top down to build body.

Then he set a few pieces of hair with hair spray. “I really like the way this style turned out, so I’m not doing much to it—just nipping and tucking here and there.”

Primer and foundation

6) Facial Primer and Foundation:

After her hair was what Jason called “bullet proof,” Lucy moved to the make-up station. Jason and Rachel used Mirabella products to give Lucy a natural, flattering look.

They started with primer to smooth the face and help with the application of the foundation, a blend of two different colors to match Lucy’s skin perfectly. They set the foundation with a quick brush of powder all over.

Concealer and eye makeup

7) Concealer, Eye Shadow, and Eyeliner:

Rachel applied concealer to the lids of Lucy’s eyes to brighten and help the eye shadow stick. She used all-natural eye shadow tones. “We don’t want to use anything shiny for the pictures,” she said. “So we’re going for neutral browns and purples with a brown undertone.”

Lipstick and blush8) Lipstick and blush:

A little lipstick and blush finish the make-up.

A gift of Redken shampoo and conditioner for Granny Goose

9) A Gift to Go:

Rachel gave Lucy Redken Color Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain the color so that Lucy’s fabulous new look will last.

Granny Goose, after

When they finally let Lucy look at herself in the mirror, she cried.

“I feel overwhelmed,” she said. “I definitely don’t look grandma-ish. I look more energetic—and I feel more energetic.”

A vibrant look to match her loving personality—she deserves it.

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