Appetizers are like gifts in small packages

What better way to kick off the holiday season than with palette-pleasing appetizers? Every party needs them and every guest comes expecting them. The time of fruitcake has long passed, so put on your chef’s hat and turn up the Nat King Cole—it’s party time!


When preparing hors d’oeuvres, remember these no-fail guidelines:

  1. When selecting the hor d’oeuvres, keep in mind the nature of the event. Heavy selections will work well if a meal is not being served, while bite-size options are a good prelude to the meal.
  2. Presentation goes a long way. Thoughtfully style your platter or tray so that the last guest is not rummaging through jumbled garnishes.
  3. Pay attention to temperature. Cold appetizers should be kept cold, and likewise, hot appetizers taste best when served hot.



Strawberry Salsa and Grilled Flat Bread

Goat Cheese Canapé & Roasted Pepper Salad

Sriracha Deviled Eggs

Peppermint Martini

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