A place for people with “open” minds

Deborah Antich is what one might call a “clairaudient”—she has the ability to receive extrasensory information from behind her right ear, she explains.

“It’s kind of like tuning a radio and picking up on other people’s information,” she says, describing the sensation as a delicate balancing act between information being sent by people nearby and picked up by the clairaudient receiver. “I’m not reading minds,” Deborah says. “I’m picking up on frequencies.”

Though Deborah feels blessed to consider herself clairaudient, at times she has struggled to manage and hone her ability. In 2012, in fact, she was having trouble going out in public because she was constantly picking up on multiple people’s thoughts and conversations at once.

“At times it was difficult to concentrate on my own thoughts,” Deborah says. “I had so much information crammed into my head and was seeing patterns in information I was picking up on from people who didn’t know each other. . . . I’d have to get a pen and paper to get some of it out of my head.”

That’s when Deborah came up with the idea for the Traveling Psychic Supper Club, a monthly dinner intended to help people who want to better understand their psychic, or extrasensory, abilities to make connections with people and ask and give advice.

The group began with a few people who saw it advertised on Craigslist, and it grew to a monthly turnout of eight to twelve. Each person comes with different psychic experiences, backgrounds, and skills, which makes for a lively and engaging dinner.

“Dinners fill up fast,” Deborah says, “but I want to keep them small so everyone has the opportunity to connect and learn about themselves when they attend.”

Typically hosted at trendy restaurants around the greater Austin area, the club gives attendees an opportunity to laugh, cry, ask questions, and give advice. Over gourmet salads and drinks at Austin eatery Epicerie, participants’ voices overlap in motley blanket of simultaneous conversations.

“We have someone in the group who can talk with dead people,” Deborah says. “There’s nothing scary about it. It is what it is. It’s like saying, ‘He has green eyes.’ It’s just there. . . .  Another woman does tarot, and we have another woman who uses [a] pendulum, and [we have] an astrologist.”

Since Deborah started the Traveling Psychic Supper Club in June 2012, it has grown more than she imagined it would. She recently launched her own Thursday-evening radio show under the same name and is in talks with a television network to create a reality show about the group.

“Now, [TPSC] is something that I can try to steer but can’t control,” she says of the group’s rapid growth. “It’s an exciting journey.”

For more information on the Traveling Psychic Supper Club, visit travelingpsychicsupperclub.com.

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