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In her youth, facing breakouts and other skin complications, Donna Quiram learned all she could about how to care for her skin, investigating topics from facials to nutrition. This personal interest soon translated into professional pursuit, and she became an esthetician. Today, working as a holistic skin care specialist with the Balance Wellness Center, Donna seeks to help clients discover the best skin care techniques for their skin, steering them away from over-exfoliation and other potentially injurious treatments and toward more holistic options, such as the Osmosis Skincare treatment plan.

“I think skin is beautiful, and I want to encourage people to treat their skin well and to use sensible skin care,” Donna explains. “Whether with skin care or waxing, I choose the best products, based on my knowledge and experience. When I make recommendations about skin care, I recommend only products and services that I believe in. I do not believe in using harsh chemicals and assaulting the skin. That speeds the aging process. My goal is to repair the skin, to strengthen it, and to enhance the skin’s natural ability to heal itself. I want to do whatever I can to aid people on their paths to good health and amazing skin.”

Donna Quiram, Ben Parker, and Marty Caskey

Donna uses the Osmosis Skincare system, a physician-formulated medical skin care line. Her choice reflects her commitment to holistic health. Ben Parker, the owner of Balance Wellness and a massage therapist and physical trainer, explains that the Osmosis system “yields the highest level of results while being as minimally reactive to the skin as possible [and] restoring the skin’s natural health and functionality.” Most skin care products are not created to give lasting, healthy results, he notes, but instead function like a bandage. By contrast, Osmosis Skincare does not rely on harsh chemicals, nor does it create dependence on one particular product, Ben says. “Instead, it targets the DNA protection and repair of the skin.”

To introduce Osmosis Skincare to more people, Ben and Donna are offering a results-guaranteed 90-Day Challenge to try the Osmosis Skincare line. “Osmosis is cutting-edge,” explains Ben, “and this will truly turn back the clock for anyone who is willing to try it and to participate in the 90-Day Challenge. The results are guaranteed. This skin care line will restore the skin’s natural health, beauty, balance, and anti-aging properties. Osmosis is a great way for us to give our clients the best of everything—outstanding results plus outstanding technology—it is safe on every level.”

Balance Wellness and Massage

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