Husband-wife team celebrates company’s second anniversary


March marks the two-year anniversary of husband-wife team Lynn and Dawnya Pierce’s landscape products company Affordable Stone Products.

“It’s been fun watching the business grow—seeing it start out at zero and watching it escalate,” says Lynn, who has been involved with the landscaping industry for more than thirty-five years. Lynn learned the industry from hands-on experience, working with family, and while running a quarry in Jarrell for twenty years.

“Since I was a young kid—well, before I was a teenager, even—I started working in the industry with my dad and uncles, doing installs and pushing wheelbarrows. . . . I’ve always been in the outdoors, working in landscaping, installation, cutting and hauling the limestone.”

Dawyna, Lynn’s wife, joined the business without such an extensive background in landscaping, but with a healthy dose of excitement to help start a business.

“My wife has a green thumb,” says Lynn. “She’s always enjoyed doing the spring and fall preparation.” So when the opportunity to partner with Lynn to build Affordable Stone Products arose, “she was eager to get started on it.”

Having never before worked in the landscaping industry, Dawnya has had a lot to learn. For example, before opening Affordable Stone Products, she had never operated a skid-steer loader, “but now she’s actually become pretty decent with it,” says Lynn. “We’ve had some customers come in here and say, ‘We want to watch the lady do it, because it’s just the neatest thing to see a lady get on a machine,’” he says with a chuckle.

This is Lynn and Dawnya’s first business venture together, and so far it seems to be working out well. “Generally speaking,” says Lynn, “we’ve probably had a lot more fun together in the last year and a half working at this business than the prior twenty years when I was working at my own business.”

“I’m the sweat, the blood, and the dirt behind the scenes. I’m usually going out and taking care of the discharging and the distribution of the materials from one side to the other, and she usually takes care of the paperwork and the inside of it,” says Lynn. “She has a degree in accounting, so she stays on top of the numbers and is working on the webpage.”

Finding a trustworthy and reliable business partner can be a challenge, says Lynn. “It’s very similar to marriage—you need to find someone who you can make those big decisions with. Sure, sometimes we butt heads,” he says, “but it’s actually been somewhat fun. All in all, I think it’s been a pretty good deal.”

Affordable Stone Products
5740 Williams Drive

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