Simon and Sons Flooring is a family dream come true


When Bill Simon opened his flooring business on Main Street a year and a half ago, he named it with an eye to the future: Simon and Sons Flooring. Sons Zachary (ten) and Patrick (twelve) “always talk about coming to work with their dad,” says Jennifer Simon, their mom.

No pressure, though! While Bill and Jennifer would love for the kids to work in the family business, Jennifer says that they certainly would not force the boys to come back and work for them. “As parents, all you can hope for is that your kids are raised well, go off to school, become educated, and hopefully, go experience a little bit,” says Jennifer. “But if they want to come back and work at the store with their dad, we would love that. It’s really up to them.”

Bill Simon is no stranger to working in a family business. After working with his family’s flooring company in Austin for ten years, Bill knew he wanted to open his own business. The former insurance salesman was born and raised in Georgetown, and he wanted to open a store that would give the people in-town service with expertise that comes from his background in flooring. “We wanted to deliver good customer service and have something local for our community,” explains Bill.

The store is located in the heart of the community, a few blocks away from the Georgetown courthouse. It boasts an impressive showroom of tile, granite, and hardwood samples—over 900 square feet of options designed for the different styles, tastes, and purposes of potential customers—none of whom need to go to Austin to find what they want. The Simons seek to cultivate a “mom and pop” feel to their business. “The main thing is to establish a relationship with people that isn’t just about business,” says Bill. “You get to know them and who they are.”

The “mom and pop” feel of their business is an extension of their family life, in which “being there” and sharing time together is important. Bill keeps the store open six days a week, but he still finds time to pick his sons up each day. “I love that my husband can own his own business and grab the kids from school,” says Jennifer, a CPA. She handles the finances for the store, which can sometimes mean working on weekends. Yet as busy as they are, Bill and Jennifer can both be spotted cheering at Zachary’s and Patricks’ baseball and football teams, which the store sponsors.

For Bill and Jennifer, business blends with family in the best way possible. And if Zachary and Patrick want to come on board someday, that’s great. This family is not only a family at home, but also a family in business.

Simon and Sons Flooring
1107 S. Main Street
Georgetown, Texas 78626

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