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Many people settle for homes that are almost perfect, that have almost everything they’re looking for in a house, yet almost never consider having a home custom built. That’s what local architect Bryant Boyd of the architectural design-build firm J. Bryant Boyd believes. Many people believe that a custom-built home will cost much more than a ready-built model home.

“We’ve heard this a dozen times,” Bryant agrees. “People think that we’re going to be so much more expensive, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. If I can build you exactly what you want at exactly the price you want, why would you overpay for something that’s just okay?”

j bryant boyd roomWith J. Bryant Boyd, clients’ dream houses are transferred from their imagination to a piece of paper to their very own home. This is what makes J. Bryant Boyd different from other construction companies. The company has been created around the architect, not the builder; and Bryant has surrounded himself with a talented team, from a lead designer to a construction manager, each member filling a different role and bringing something new to clients, from the intellectual conception of their home to its physical completion.

As a registered architect with the AIA (American Institute of Architects), Bryant attends continuing education classes, specifically to look for ideas and methods that will not only help him as an architect but that are also geared toward the construction company. “What kind of materials, what kind of methodology, what kind of systems could we incorporate into our homes that will make better use of energy, materials, and just better use of design in itself?” he asks.

The experts at J. Bryant Boyd want the homes they build to have meaning and purpose, because, Bryant explains, material, money, and effort on everyone’s part are wasted when people do not think about what’s being built. “If we don’t think about the design, if we don’t think about the site, then we don’t think about the end product.” Ultimately, that product depends (on) what clients need and want. “I ask questions like ‘What do you want in a house? How do you want to use your dining space? Do you even need a dining space? What kind of kitchen do you want? How do you cook?’”

Bryant says the answers to these questions sometimes surprise clients. Some people realize they need very little space; some need a lot more. Some love the house they have, but they want to fix that one trouble spot. “We do small houses, we do large houses, we do remodels,” Bryant says. J. Bryant Boyd remodels existing structures with the same quality and attention to detail that he brings to new builds.

But when starting from scratch, it’s the house lot, and not the house itself, that initiates the design process. “You think about the sun and the moon and the wind and the rain and the view planes, and you can design the home to fit the spot,” Bryant says. “Thinking about these things is our job. That’s what we do: Think for you, think with you. Help you think about things, help you design things and understand what you’re looking at, so that when we get to the end, you’re fully aware of what you’re doing, and you don’t do it blindly.”

We live in our houses, we sleep in our houses, we raise children in them, we grow old in them. Houses are financial and emotional investments. “Make your house the way you want it,” Bryant urges. “Don’t settle for someone else’s idea of how you should live.”

For more information about your building or remodeling needs, call 512-930-1686 or visit www.jbryantboyd.com.

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