Local venue’s first-rate concerts boast magical vibe


Carla Cameron stared at a pen and a contract, knowing that when the ink met the paper, it would fulfill her dreams and launch her singing career. She moved to Austin in 1987 for the sole purpose of becoming a singer. Her soulful, raspy voice gained recognition. She’d worked for 20 years to get to this goal—a contract obligating her for recordings, photo shoots, promotions, and music videos. But before the ink had dried, Carla faced a family tragedy—the loss of her brother.

Austin in 2008 was a destination for great music, but Carla noticed that folks in Georgetown hesitated before driving there for entertainment. A gallon of gas for $4.50 and a beer for $5.00  prohibited nights out for folks feeling the tanking economy. She decided to do something that would help heal her grief and bring opportunities to fans and musicians alike. She decided to bring the magic of music to Georgetown. She says, “I looked out my window and saw a vision of a stage. I told my husband, Stephen, ‘I think we’re just going to have to build a stage.’” Out of this vision, The Beacon emerged.

In an open-air experience under the stars, musicians captivate The Beacon’s audience from a large stage, canopied by tree branches wrapped in thousands of tiny lights. Concert-goers bring a comfortable chair, food, and drinks of choice.

For the price of a ticket, audiences have experienced artists such as Vallejo, Carolyn Wonderland, The Resentments, Guy Forsyth, Mingo Fishtrap, Monte Montgomery, Malford Milligan, and Shelley King. “It’s like a ministry to me—helping people and providing a lovely experience for our audience,” Carla says. Each show is different, and afterwards, a meet-and-greet allows musicians and audience to mingle.

As musicians themselves, Carla and Stephen know what it’s like on the road. They plan concerts carefully, not only to enchant the crowd but also to cater to the artists. Carla prepares home-cooked meals for the band before every show. “You can only eat so many on-the-road meals,” she says. Although she’s making plans to return to singing, Carla enjoys being behind the scenes for now, putting the experiences together and making each special. “It’s a conglomeration of everything I love,” she says.

After performing at intimate concert venues all over North America, singer-songwriter Jeff Plankenhorn says, “From the minute you arrive to the minute you leave, you realize Carla and Stephen are really in it for the music. They do a really professional sound—it’s not too loud, yet everyone can hear. I’ve told them it’s my favorite place to play—and it is.”

The multitalented singer-songwriter Guy Forsyth also enjoys performing at The Beacon. “I hope this is the direction that live music continues in, because it’s much more personal than the bar scene,” he says. “It’s more organic, more enjoyable and much more about the music. If you go to a show there, you’re going to want to go back. It’s an ideal circumstance to enjoy music.”

“It all comes down to the details,” Carla says. Boasting two Grammy Award-winning sound guys and outstanding artists, The Beacon delivers an Austin-quality music experience in a beautiful, relaxing setting that’s literally just down the road in Georgetown.

A beacon is a light in the dark, to guide or inspire. Carla says, “To me, music is a light in the dark—medicine for the soul. Just for one night, we want to take care of everybody with music and fellowship and love.”

The next concert promises to be another great one! Headliner: Uncle Lucius, along with Slowtrain as the opening act.  Doors open at 6:00, show at 7:00 on June 23, 2012. Tickets $27, BYOB, chair, optional covered dish. ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY, Call 512-658-7737 for info.
Address given upon ticket purchase.

Why Buy Tickets to The Beacon?

  • No expensive drinks—BYOB!
  • No expensive meals—bring your own food or order pizza delivery.
  • The Beacon offers a personal experience—a chance to make new friends.
  • Enjoy the meet-and-greet with artists.
  • The Beacon is all about the music. Artists don’t compete with loud talking or televisions.

Please visit www.thebeacongeorgetown.com for more photos, videos, and information on how you can enjoy a magical night of music. The Beacon is located just off Highway 29 West.

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