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Elite AestheticsElite Aesthetics is a customized skin care boutique specializing in skin resurfacing and massage.  Rebecca Cunningham came to Georgetown 5 years ago with a dream of sharing her unique approach to skin care in a quaint boutique setting.  Now, that dream has come true. With a belief that your skin will look it’s healthiest with customized skin care and a balanced lifestyle, she has created a private, customized experience for all. Each guest’s treatments and skin care regimens are customized, while they are given the time and care they deserve in a charming and luxurious environment.

Elite Aesthetics is not a high volume spa – on purpose. They are all about your time being honored, along with your privacy and concerns. Appointments are booked 30 minutes apart so you are never rushed. Guests are given undivided attention to discuss their concerns and expectations. Combine that with private dressing rooms and waiting areas, Elite is your private getaway.

Your Skin

Your skin care regimen should reflect your body’s unique composition. We don’t name our facials because each treatment is unique. Everyone’s skin is different. Your genetics, lifestyle, and even life story, makes your skin and consequently your skin’s care unique. That’s why we get to know your lifestyle habits: travels, diet, exercise, even where you are from, allowing us to customize our treatments to your specific needs.

Elite Aesthetics productsElite offers one of the premiere skin care product lines: Swissclinical. With formulas free from allergens, colorants, parabens, and other harmful ingredients, Swissclinical is a perfect line for people sensitized to chemical and environmental substances.  The creators of Swissclinical took great care in choosing the ingredients and used science to create an effective line using nature’s gifts to the fullest.

For clients needing medical grade treatments, Elite offers medical grade peels, Botox and Juvederm. Medical Director, Dr. Todd Bell, administers the Botox and Juvederm injections.   Elite now carries Precision MD, which is a medical grade product line. Precision MD was created in France with the balanced philosophy to have medical grade effectiveness without harsh skin reactions.  This compliments the Swissclinical line in that you get the best of both worlds.

Your Body

Elite believes so strongly in their customized skin care plus balanced lifestyle approach that they developed a loyalty program with world-renowned trainer Marilyn Mathis.  Marilynn has 2 world titles, including setting the new SPF Raw Records in 2010 for Age 55-59. With over 30 years of experience, she is able to customize a training program for clients on all fitness levels. She believes in customizing training and eating programs to help you achieve your goals.  Through Elite’s loyalty program with Marilynn Mathis, clients will enjoy 3 free training sessions with the purchase of a training package.  A free analysis and nutrition counseling included. Now, that is a unique skin care option.

Rebecca Cunningham and Marilynn Mathis

Rebecca Cunningham and Marilynn Mathis

For clients needing to recharge, Elite brought on Katherine Keller.  She customizes massage therapy that compliments your lifestyle.  Katherine practices the same philosophy of creating a program that suits the most hectic of lifestyles to maintain balance.  Massages range from 60 minutes to 120 minutes.  An array of additional luxury treatments such as an energizing foot scrub or a hot stone treatment can be incorporated into each service. Katherine has multiple certifications that include LMT, NCBTMB as well as advanced Myofacial Release training.

Your Spa

Elite Aesthetics luxuryWe want people to look and feel their best. Through customized skin care and balanced lifestyle, Elite can help your skin look and feel its freshest. A quaint, luxurious boutique that tailors services to your unique needs, values your time and cherishes your skin, Elite Aesthetics will feel like it is your private spa tucked in the warm heart of Georgetown. After all, you are unique; your skin care should be the same.


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August 1, 2013

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