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People with medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, allergies, or dementia have long worn medical alert bracelets or pendants to provide emergency medical professionals with important—possibly life-saving—information, but rarely would one of these identifiers made a fashion statement. These days, however, with a little help from fashion and technology, medical jewelry has gotten a makeover.

Original vs. New.   The original and only option for a time was a stainless-steel tag with a red alert symbol, worn on a necklace or bracelet. Today, medical alert jewelry options are as varied as the personalities of those who wear them. Both women and men can choose from mesh, silicone, leather, metal, and beaded wristbands, as well as dog tags and pendants in a variety of colors and materials, including silver, gold, and titanium.

Woman wearing red medical alert necklace

Gold Premier Necklace by American Medical ID

Fashion Meets Tech.   One company, Lauren’s Hope, goes a step further, offering medical jewelry that looks more like any other item in a woman’s jewelry box. The company also has tech-enhanced bracelets that sync to a subscription service that stores medical information digitally. Medical personnel can access patients’ online health profiles by a call-in number, website, or scannable QR code.

For the Kids.   Children who need to wear medical alert bracelets also have fun new options. Sticky J Medical offers what the company boasts are “medical bracelets kids will actually wear.” They come in a wide variety of materials, bright colors, and patterns such as flowers, bugs, bows, cars, sports, and buttons that indicate specific allergies.

For the Athlete.   Active adults, kids, and even pets have additional choices with Road ID, a company that offers a variety of IDs made for those who may not always carry a wallet or purse. Originally designed for runners, these IDs can include medical information or simply the wearer’s emergency contact information. In addition, Road ID’s Hero Program offers a 50 percent discount to medical, military, government, police, fire, and EMS personnel.

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