Team challenge course

Challenge yourself on the Georgetown challenge course

You don’t have to be part of the Super He-Man Club to participate in the challenges offered at the Georgetown Challenge Course. With its tall towers and web of high and low rope obstacles, the Challenge Course can appear daunting, but Art Ortiz, course director, tells the View how the course helps groups from Williamson and Travis counties with teambuilding.

Customized courses.   There is no stock program, so all ages and abilities can enjoy the course. Each event is customized to the group’s needs and focuses on what members want to work on. For example, for a group that wants to build leadership, I would set up small tasks allowing them to take different roles. Everyone gets a chance to lead and follow and to see their teammates do the same.

Good for strong and struggling teams.   A lot of teams come because they are doing well but want to do better. Others are in serious trouble. Every situation is different. We had a group from Google that was about to be disbanded, so I developed a program that helped to bring closure to their group. An Austin company sends us all their new hires. We get them on day three of their six- to seven-week new hire process to help them gel early on.

It’s not just businesses.   We have all types of groups, from athletic teams and church groups to small and large businesses. And we work with treatment centers (addictions, behavioral) to provide adventure to their clients. We also work with city departments. All ages and abilities enjoy our programs.

Challenge yourself, build your team.   We build relationships by improving the communication, trust, and cooperation and by nurturing people’s willingness step out of their comfort zone. We get our participants to engage in activities that promote their skills. By taking time to reflect and talk about the activities afterward, we focus on personal improvement and, therefore, team improvement.

Visit to learn how to arrange an event for your group’s needs.

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