Mickie Ross

Williamson Museum’s director talks about education and growth

Williamson Museum is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of county history. From its location in a historic building on the Square to its educational programs, the museum has seen success and growth under the directorship of Mickie Ross.

Before you became the museum’s director, you were a teacher. Are there similarities between teaching and directing a museum?

There are many similarities! First of all, a teacher has many balls in the air all of the time, much like someone running a museum. I also love seeing a child’s eyes light up when they learn some cool fact about the past.

What do you like best about your job?

There are hundreds of special moments from the past 10 years, but I especially like when I meet descendants of the families who settled here. It is wonderful to be able to share what we have with those families and to learn more about those early settlers.

What expectations did you have when you took this position—and have they been met?

My husband and I chose to live here partially because of the influence of the past on the community. I wanted to be a part of sharing that past. My expectations have more than been met, and we continue to expand the museum’s footprint. Our new museum site at 8 Chisholm Trail is a great example of the growth.

What other exciting activities and resources does the museum offer?

Prior to becoming director, I was an education volunteer from 2004 to 2007, implementing several of the educational programs we still offer today, such as the “traveling trunks” that we loan to classrooms. We also offer free courtroom tours and host several events during the year, such as staying open late on First Friday. And our yearly fundraiser, the Cattleman’s Ball, is coming up next month.

For information on this year’s Cattleman’s Ball on October 21st, visit williamsonmuseum.org/cattlemans-ball. To peruse the contents of the traveling trunks (virtually), visit williamsonmuseum.org/traveling-trunks.

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