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Moms will network at conference

Before she became a mom, Alicea Jones was the senior vice president at a bank. She swapped her corner office for a nursery room when her daughter was born. But isolation because of a lack of community of other moms, as well as a desire to be the perfect mom, led Alicea to experience a year of depression. “When I came through that time, I was left with this burning desire to help other moms,” Alicea says.

A friend encouraged her to fulfill that goal. “She said, ‘Alicea, you’ve been talking about doing something for moms forever. When are you going to do something?’ That was the kick I needed,” Alicea recalls.

A donor gave Alicea seed money to start A Day for Moms Conference, which will take place at the Cowan Creek Community Center on Saturday, September 23rd. “It’s a day for moms to come and relax, network, and get a little bit of pampering. Ten to twenty percent of new moms experience postpartum depression,” Alicea explains. “When they can connect with other moms, breaking the isolation, it can make a huge difference in their emotional well-being.” Providing supportive networks for moms is a goal of conference organizer Mommie Support Network, a group Alicea founded and directs.

“I think it will provide encouragement and support in helping them connect with other moms,” committee member Shelli Lankford says.

Alicea Jones

In its first year, the conference will feature local vendors and nonprofits offering services like coaching and counseling, so that moms can learn about available resources. Mothers of young children will also have access to informative speakers and education about caring for themselves while they care for others, identifying priorities for better life balance, and keeping dreams alive while raising children.

“We’ll be giving an opportunity for people to sponsor a mom at the conference so that moms who can’t afford to attend won’t have that barrier,” Alicea adds.

The day is designed for moms to learn, network, and take a break for a few hours. “Most moms I talk to rarely have time to stop and relax because they’re running their kids to soccer practice or picking them up from school,” Alicea says. “Sometimes moms need permission to rest. We’re going to give them that permission.”

Ticket prices are $39 until Aug. 15th when they will then increase to $49. Purchase a ticket at www.mommiesupportnetwork.org. To volunteer or learn about sponsorship opportunities, visit www.mommiesupportnetwork.org or send questions to info@mommiesupportnetwork.org.

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