Late Summer Cool-Down

Cattle cooling off in the summer heat

For some reason, I’m drawn to photograph water. When I see cattle standing in water, well, that adds a whole other dimension. I often squeal like I’ve been shot, as my husband instinctively hits the breaks before asking what in the world happened. Seeing cattle standing in water makes me feel cool in the hot summer, and the slow-moving animals seem not to have a care in the world. Last summer, in the Texas Hill Country, I found these Herefords lingering in and around the pond. Wildflowers leftover from summer rains completed the scene, with the cattle in a perfect pose. I got out of the truck, walked into the tall grass, and raised my camera to capture the scene, hoping against hope that chiggers wouldn’t invade.

As another summer comes to a close, scheduling time to unplug, cool off, and enjoy a slow-moving, carefree day is one of my goals. Excuses and chiggers not allowed.

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