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Safely dispose of household toxic waste

Stop before you toss! Many common household items cannot be taken out with the trash. Here, the View provides some tips on how to safely dispose of unwanted hazardous waste:

Look for the Skull and Crossbones.   Most hazardous items will be labeled. They might display words such as caution, toxic, poison, corrosive, or danger or a symbol such as a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark, skull and crossbones, or trefoil hazard symbol. These products can be in almost any area of your home. Here are some examples of where and what to look for:

  • Garage: Tires; vehicle and engine fluids such as gasoline, motor oil, and antifreeze
  • Craft and Project areas: Varnish, paint thinner, paint stripper, and adhesives
  • Kitchen and Bathrooms: Medications and strong cleaning products such as drain cleaner
  • Backyard and Garden: Lawn and pool chemicals and pesticides
  • Living Room: Electronics

Disposing of Toxic Waste.   The Williamson County Recycle Center accepts almost all household fluids, aerosols, and chemicals, as well as some bulbs and batteries. The City of Georgetown offers vouchers to cover the cost to some residents for drop off at the Recycle Center. Note that the center accepts only household waste. For commercial waste disposal, the Recycle Center suggests PA-jer Company. Check out both websites, and, for transportation and drop off guidelines.

MedSafe.   Drop off old aspirin or unused prescription drugs at the medication disposal kiosk in the Public Safety Operations and Training Center located at 3500 DB Wood Rd. This kiosk is for medications only—no medical devices or paraphernalia such as syringes or needles.

E-cycling.   Suddenlink in Georgetown can no longer accept old TVs or computer monitors. Take your old TVs and computer components to the Goodwill Store in Georgetown, but call 512-868-9547 first to ask about what the store can currently accept. Best Buy in Wolf Ranch recycles old TVs for a $25 charge.

Visit the City of Georgetown’s website for current information on recycling and solid waste disposal.

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