Yoga on Lake Georgetown

Yoga on a paddleboard

Imagine gently stretching your body over calming, rocking waves as you do a downward-facing dog pose. That’s right—it’s yoga on the water. Georgetown Paddle Company offers SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga) on Lake Georgetown. Here’s what to expect in a typical session:

Start the Day Right.   Earlier in the morning, one of the three Embry sisters, who own the company, totes the paddle boards out to Cedar Breaks for the 9 A.M. class. Together, the class paddles out on the lake, tethers the boards together, and starts a 90-minute session.

Experienced Instructor.   Courtney Parnell of Limitless SUP Yoga teaches the classes. She’s a traveling instructor and sponsored athlete. Everywhere she goes, her board goes, too. “Nothing compares with the feeling of being able to launch my board on any body of water at any time, and float away and embrace my body, mind, and soul,” Courtney says.

Whole Body (and Mind) Workout.   Paddle boarding is an effective total body workouts you can do. Balancing on a board engages muscles that would otherwise relax. Combine that with yoga—and a beautiful view—and you get a workout plus a serene experience that can promote mental clarity.

Splash In!   Don’t worry about falling in because the water is there to catch you. “We encourage our students to go for poses they’ve never even tried on land, and we’ve seen women and men of all ages doing headstands and having a blast,” says Courtney. She has designed a sequence to challenge everyone, from first-timers to seasoned yogis.

Take a Deep Breath.   Owner MacKayla Embry says, “For the final relaxation pose, we lie on our boards and focus on breathing. Block out all other thoughts and focus on the scenery around you—it’s an extremely relaxing and a positive way to start or end your day.”

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