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To classic tunes, local artists, and community info

The next time you’re on the Georgetown Square, keep an eye out for Mark and Renee Stennett, managers of the Georgetown Community Radio Station. You might see them sipping wine while adding new songs to the playlist on their iPad.

The station launched in 2004 as KXPW Power FM, playing Christian music. After the founder passed away in 2008, the board of directors continued to operate the station until they decided to pass the torch to someone else. Mark and Renee took over in April 2015, changing the format and name to Georgetown Community Radio 106.7. The call sign was changed to KGTN in December 2016.

Mark’s 33 years in the radio business gave him the experience and desire to manage the station with Renee and new board of directors. “I thought it would be an interesting challenge to bring something like this to Georgetown in hopes that others would share the enthusiasm,” he says.

KGTN airs 24 hours a day and plays classic hits, although the managers shy away from that term for the station’s output. “People call it ‘classic hits,’ but we don’t call it anything, because it’s our hope that it will become what Georgetown wants it to be,” Mark explains.

The playlist features music from the sixties to present-day. The managers are also working toward airing music by local artists such as The Detentions and David Barr. “We are trying to promote local talent because KGTN is a local community station,” Mark says. “Playing local artists is one way we are able to serve the community and give back to those who come to play music in Georgetown.”

Mark Stennett

KGTN has aired a talk show, no longer in production, about modern pop culture that featured interviews with movers and shakers in the entertainment industry. “We would welcome other shows of this nature if they are compatible with our license and goals,” Mark says. In fact, Mark and Renee are always searching for new material to add: “We’re looking for folks to help, meaning to bring their creativity and content.”

The station also airs public service announcements and a play-by-play sports broadcast for Georgetown High School. The station has been approached by East View High School, so perhaps EV’s play-by-play announcers will be heard on the station in the future.

Mark and Renee ask residents and businesses owners on the Square for one-liners, short phrases like the popular “shop local.” Mark explains, “We’re trying to get the local community involved, and this is a fun way to do that. We typically haunt the Square with my little audio recorder and record those who want to participate.”

More people are hearing about the station now that the Stennetts have expanded their target audience. “We are playing to a much broader audience. For people who weren’t listening before, we now have something that has piqued their interest,” Mark explains.

Renee says the community has responded favorably to the new station. “We frequently hear that we are playing a lot of songs the listener has not heard in years or decades. Local merchants frequently tell us they get comments from patrons that they heard [their ads] on the air.”

Renee adds, “We want the community to get involved in order to make this Georgetown’s community station.”

KGTN logo

Listen to 106.7 KGTN on the radio, online at, or on the TuneIn app for the Android or iPhone. Check out the station’s Facebook page at or contact the managers at or 512-569-3445.

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