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Filling the hole in your backyard dreams

Want to stay cool this summer? What better way than to install your own outdoor oasis? Mitch Huntsman, president of Denali Pools, offers questions you should ask before installing a pool.

First things first.   Decide on a time frame of when you want the job done and set a target budget. To determine the design concept, think about the type of pool and features you envision in your backyard. We encourage folks to look at pictures of pools online. We have a lot of great ideas on our website!

Know your yard.   Most but not all back yards can support a pool. Plunge pools (pools custom-designed for smaller landscapes) are popular with people who want a great looking pool but don’t have a lot of space.

Price range.   If you work with a reputable builder, you can expect prices to start around $40,000. Adding features like a spa, waterfall, outdoor kitchen, or extra decking or increasing the pool’s size will drive that price up. One of the best features to add to a pool is an outdoor kitchen because they can be used year-round.

Safety Tips:

  1. Choose the right builder. Anyone in Texas can call themselves a builder. Do your research to ensure that the builder is experienced and knows jurisdiction codes.
  2. Follow your builder’s rules during construction.
  3. Stay out of the builder’s way. A construction site is no place for pets, children, or bystanders.
  4. Follow codes. Some jurisdictions do not do final inspections. In these jurisdictions, it is still important for the builder to follow safety codes. Building your pool to meet barrier, diving envelope, and all other safety codes is always a best practice.

To view pool concepts and designs, visit Denali Pools at www.denalipools.com.

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