Elijah Folsom and Connoe McClure cut David Lee Hulsey's hair

FPC youth Elijah Folsom and Connoe McClure do the honors

How one haircut raised over $1,000 for charity

When David Lee Hulsey, First Presbyterian Church Georgetown’s youth minister, led the church’s youth to raise funds for Christmas Angel shopping last holiday season, he offered an incentive: if the youth met their fundraising goal, he’d donate his hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program, which provides free wigs to women battling cancer. David Lee tells the View what happened next.

Was this the first time you challenged the youth to step up by promising a haircut?

No. Every two to three years, I decide—with plenty of nagging from our youth—to put my hair on the line to liven up our fundraising for Christmas gifts for foster children in Williamson County.

Then last December, what changed?

Two days before our deadline, we posted an update on the amount we needed to reach the goal. A young adult church member posted he’d pay $50 to stop the haircut. That sparked other people to start a pot to “Save the Hair.”

David Lee Hulsey

Which group won?

As you might guess from my current lack of curls, the “cut the hair” side prevailed. But the “save the hair” side made an impressive run in just two days. We raised $1,390—$865 to cut the hair and $525 to save it.

Are you up for a rematch?

I’m blessed with thick, curly hair that grows fast. There’s an “awkward hair length” phase to endure, but when that’s past, I’m willing to go back under the shears. I think I’ll start the challenge with “save it” and “shave it” pots. We might have quite the showdown. I love the fact that something as simple as a haircut can stir up excitement and become a “tradition” for the church’s younger children to look forward to. Hey, if it’s for a good cause, I’ll try almost anything once!

Learn more about Pantene Beautiful Lengths program at pantene.com.

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