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Ponderosa Pet Resort opened in 2010 to provide quality and affordable pet boarding in Georgetown. The facilities include a climate-controlled indoor boarding area as well as outdoor areas for play and training. In addition to overnight boarding, Ponderosa runs a dog daycare where pets can socialize under staff supervision. Grooming services make sure pets return home clean and primped.

However, Ponderosa Pet Resort’s premiere service is dog training. Owner Phillip Paris spent fifteen years in the Georgetown Police Department as an award-winning K-9 handler and trainer. While he was still an officer, Phillip founded Capital Area K-9 Consultants, one of the first dog training programs in Georgetown. After retiring from the police force in 2009, he opened Ponderosa Pet Resort.

Phillip added his skills and experience with police dogs to his insights into how dogs learn to produce a unique dog training method. He “loves to dispel rumors and myths” about dog behavior and work with owners to look past their emotions and “be honest about the dog’s reality.”

For most dogs, behavioral problems are a quick fix. Ponderosa’s Board and Train program works well for those pet owners who don’t have time to train their pets at home. Owners drop their dogs off at Ponderosa Pet Resort for 2 to 3 weeks of boarding. Trainers work with the dog each day on basic training. They address common obedience complaints like leash pulling and unruly behavior. When the course is completed, owners attend a training session with their pet to learn to maintain a balanced owner/pet relationship at home.

But for some dogs, behavior training at Ponderosa Pet Resort is the last thing preventing them from being euthanized for aggressive or reactive behavior. Phillip enjoys the challenge and has had high success rehabilitating these dogs. With the dog removed from its home environment into the Board and Train program, Phillip gets to know the “real dog.” He identifies the source of the behavioral issue and then individualizes training to the dog’s needs and temperament. As the dog learns new tasks, its behavior begins to change. And “once the dog’s mindset changes, the rest falls into place.”

No matter the problem, Phillip wants pet owners to know it isn’t necessary to settle for a pet’s bad or aggressive behavior. “You have help,” he says. “You have options.” Ponderosa Pet Resort and Phillip Paris are here to assist.

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