Mike McFarland’s unusual game-time prop

You might have seen him around. He and his toilet seat frequent Georgetown High School volleyball and basketball games. The View talks with Mike McFarland about his go-to game accessory.

Why a toilet seat?

As much as I’d like to take the credit, using a toilet seat as a cheer prop didn’t originate with me. To help Sun City Eagle Boosters club members who complained about the complexity of cheers and the inability to hear the cheerleaders, I applied my own engineering genius to the problem and “stole” an idea used when my daughter was in high school.

How long have you been using the seat?

It was introduced at the volleyball slam in 2010 and has been a fixture of the Sun City Eagle Boosters ever since. Our club has had multiple presidents, secretaries, sports directors, etc., but only one “toilet seat guy”! Despite my best efforts to pass on the booster seat duties, I haven’t been able to find a taker.

Do you use the seat at every home game?

It’s now such a fixture I’m not sure they’d let me in without it. Once, my wife dropped me at a game without the toilet seat, and I had to explain to questioning fans. I told them it was her day to use it! If I’ve had to leave a game early, I’ve said I needed to get home before she discovered it was missing!

Are you a sports nut?

People think the Sun City Eagle Boosters are sports fanatics. Maybe some are, but for most of us it’s all about the kids. For me, it had little to do with cheering. If I can make someone smile, I feel I’ve had a pretty good day. Being the “toilet seat guy” provides me quite a few good days!

Invitation: Mike invites everyone to come out and support the basketball teams. You might even get to see Mike in action!

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