At a picturesque pond, a photographer faces difficult choice

It’s merely a pond out in the country, surrounded by nothing, yet everything—cows, ducks, dead foliage, and the splash of a bass breaking surface to devour an unsuspecting bug. Fish usually bite just before sunset, so I was anxious to throw a hook into the water before dusk. The problem? This scene took my breath away, and my camera was ready, hanging over my shoulder. Should I shoot or fish? It was a tough decision. I eased around the pond so I could cast the lure toward dead trees where the big bass live. As I rounded the edge of the pond, I heard frogs chirp as they escaped into the calm water. Rearing back, I cast my line and reeled in the beetle spin. The sky’s intensifying colors broke my concentration. Abandoning the fishing pole, I raised my camera and shot a few frames. After another big fish broke surface, calling me back to fishing, I hung my camera back on my shoulder to cast again. The process repeated until I was catching more images than fish. The sunset won, and I decided: shoot.

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