(With Place Settings, that is)

Having a Christmas or New Year’s Party? Want your guests to say, “Wow!”? Or maybe you just want to dress up your dinners. Make your table settings look snazzy any season of the year with these tips from Sweet Lemon Inn & Kitchen’s Misty Adair.

Layer Your Table:   Layer vintage tablecloths or lace cloths at angles over newer tablecloths. Stitch together vintage handkerchiefs or round doilies for a dainty “snowflake” table runner. For a rustic look, use feed sacks or burlap fabric. Personalize each setting with chalkboard scrapbook paper as placemats.

Vary Textures and Finishes:   Choose a limited color scheme that suits the holiday. Vary textures in containers and dishes, such as solid white milk glass vases, shiny silver or mercury glass candleholders, and rustic wood chargers or trays. Accent settings with pops of color in flowers, fruit, or objects such as vintage Christmas ornaments.

Repurpose Objects in Centerpieces:   Gather a variety of decorative items and group them in new ways. Place small, flat mirrors down the center of the table to reflect tiny toy houses, charming figurines, miniature rosemary trees, and a sprinkling of glittery fake snow for a Winter Wonderland table. Arrange centerpieces with at least three height levels.

Mix and Match:   Layer basic white or cream everyday dishes with patterned china dishes on top. Collect a variety of one-off china plates, serving dishes, and silverware to have a completely mix-and-match table. Repeat one color or a similar motif in the dishes to help them blend while still creating a personalized look.

Go Natural:   Visit your yard or garden for inspiration! Add wreaths or garlands of natural greenery and fresh cranberries for the holidays. For any time of year, place cut herbs tucked into bowls of lemons or apples and sprigs of herbs tied with ribbon or twine to rolled napkins.

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