Pokémon GO in Georgetown

Georgetown is a town on the go. With Pokémon GO, that is. Pokémon players—or “trainers,” in game parlance—capture virtual creatures (Pokémon) with the Pokémon GO app. Many folks in the community got in on the fun this summer, but it’s not too late to join the craze. Don’t want to play? It’s still fun to check out some of the Pokémon hotspots around town.

Pokémon Guide:   Kuleen Lashley, creator of website www.redpoppytx.com, put out a list of PokéStops and Gyms in Georgetown. “Publishing guides for camps, sports, back-to-school, holidays, etc., is my favorite way to give people information about Georgetown. Pokémon GO interested a lot of people, so it made sense to publish a Georgetown Pokémon GO guide to help them out.” There’s also a Facebook group called Georgetown TX Pokémon Go! for Pokémon trainers in Georgetown.

Who plays?   Many people assume Pokémon GO players are teenagers or college-age students with way too much time on their hands, but Kuleen, a wife and mother, has been known to hunt Pokémon on her own. Usually she plays with her 13-year old daughter. “We like to meet up with her friends’ families and hunt together.”

Where to hunt:   Pokémon have been captured in various Georgetown neighborhoods and public locales, but Kuleen believes the best places to hunt Pokémon are on the Square and at San Gabriel Park. Pokémon trainers gather in the evenings at both locations, so there are usually active lures (game features that attract Pokémon) at the PokéStops.

It’s not too late:   If you missed it this summer, you can still get in on the game. Even if you’re not interested in catching Pokémon, you might want to follow the guide just to catch the sites/sights of Georgetown!

For more information about Pokémon GO, visit www.pokemongo.com. For more information about Pokémon GO in Georgetown, visit www.redpoppytx.com and Georgetown TX Pokémon Go! on Facebook.

Pokémon GO “Need-to-knows”

Pokémon—a “pocket monster”; a cartoon creature that players capture, train, and use in battles at Gyms

PokéStop—a location in the physical world where players can find virtual items used to catch and train Pokémon

Pokédex—a player’s list of Pokémon captured and their training stats

Trainer—a player who catches and trains Pokémon to battle at Gyms

Gym—a location in the real world where players’ Pokémon can battle each other virtually

Poké Balls—hollow orbs used to capture Pokémon; players find them at PokéStops or buy them in the app

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