Taunya Vessel

Taunya Vessels of Inner Space Cavern

Taunya Vessels is not a Neanderthal, but she does spend time in a cave. Taunya is the general manager of Inner Space Cavern, which celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this summer. Taunya talks to View about her job at Georgetown’s very own cave.

Why did you want to work for Inner Space Cavern?

I have always liked caves. One thing our family enjoyed was making a stop at Inner Space Cavern or Natural Bridge Caverns when we were in the Hill Country. When we moved to Georgetown, it seemed like a great fit for me to work at Inner Space.

Do you work inside the cave? What do you do?

I wish I could go into the cave every day, but I have a lot of work up on the surface to do. I try to go in once a week. I oversee all business of the cave, including buying for the gift shop and snack bar. I make sure the tour guides are trained well.


Do you attend training sessions?

There is a National Caves Association (NCA) conference held once a year in the fall. We get together and discuss topics that are of importance to caves and tourism. It’s a great place to learn what other show caves are doing and whether it would be good for us. An example is how to use social media in educating the public about caves and cave conservation.

What’s the best part of your job?

The cave! Inner Space is so beautiful. Every time I go in, I see something I never noticed before, like a pretty formation tucked away in a room that I have walked through hundreds of times. Inner Space is a beautiful place where people can enjoy nature at its best.

For more information about Inner Space Cavern, visit www.innerspacecavern.com or call 512-931-2283. Visit in person at 4200 S. I-35 Frontage Road. Look for Inner Space Cavern on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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