St. David's new ICU

Peek into St. David’s new ICU

Many people think that the bigger the hospital, the better the care they will receive. Hugh Brown, CEO of St. David’s Hospital in Georgetown, admits that his 111-bed hospital is not the place some folks think of when they or a family member are critically ill. He tells the View why, with the opening of the new ICU this past May, it should be.

Community hospital.   We’re a community hospital, not a regional referral center. We don’t do open heart surgery, we don’t do neurosurgery, we don’t do the big trauma kinds of things. We’re here to meet the needs of the fast-growing community of Georgetown. And there will always be a need for intensive care for the sickest of the sick.

It doesn’t look like an ICU.   Anyone can build a beautiful ICU and many do, but we probably went a bit to the extreme making our ICU very attractive. The ICU has granite. Even the light fixtures were picked to create an environment that makes people wonder whether they’re really in a hospital. I wanted light, so there are huge windows in the rooms. I wanted white instead of beiges. I wanted it to have a “wow” factor.

It’s not just for patients.   I wanted a place that’s as much for families as it is for patients. The environment you’re sitting in during that most stressful time really can have a major impact on your attitude, on your hopefulness about your family member. I wanted a place that would give families hope.

Rotoprone Bed

Equipment.   Although it looks intimidating, we have a miracle device called the RotoProne bed. It gently rotates patients in the prone position to improve oxygenation, protect the lungs, and improve patient outcomes. Our doctors are some of the first in the state of Texas to use it. Other hospitals may have to wait days to get one because it has to be transported from another hospital, but we have such a reputation clinically that we get to keep one here almost all the time.

You wouldn’t expect it.   You would never expect a smaller hospital like this to have [the equipment we do], but our mindset from the beginning has been: Why not? The people of Georgetown deserve it.

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