Gateway College Prep

Gateway Prep’s coming expansion

In 2009, Gateway College Preparatory School opened its doors to 40 freshmen and sophomores. This year the school has an enrollment of 1,200 students in grades K–12 and is planning for more space and upgraded facilities. Richard Rickey, Gateway founder and CEO, and Tommy Turner, director of community relations and development, explain what Gateway offers the community and describe the school’s plans for expansion.

How does Gateway differ from other public schools?   Richard: Gateway College Prep is a public charter school that uses innovative instructional methods to prepare young people for success in college and careers. We embrace the latest in technology to personalize learning for each student, to empower students to be independent learners.

What does Gateway bring to Georgetown?   Richard: Gateway provides another highly-rated school for families seeking a small school environment. We offer a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, quality UIL extracurricular opportunities, and unique instructional methods that may be a better fit for their child. 

Describe the goals of the coming expansion.   Richard: Grades K–8 currently meet in temporary modular classroom buildings. We need permanent facilities and adequate space to better serve our students. We need more science labs, collaborative learning areas, and extracurricular areas. We also need to enhance to security of the campus and provide sheltered areas for our students to use during inclement weather.

What plans are there for financing?   Tommy: Since charter schools are not provided funding by the state and cannot levy taxes for school infrastructure, they have to raise monies in order to build facilities. That’s expensive, and it’s why most charter schools are housed in former churches, store fronts, old homes, etc. We are embarking on a $5 million capital campaign over the next two to three years in order to finance about $18 million in Phase 3 and 4 construction at Gateway.

For more information about Gateway College Prep, visit, call at 512-868-4947, or visit at 3360 Westinghouse Road. To learn more about the Gateway expansion and fundraising campaign, visit

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