A man fishes at Berry Springs Park and Preserve

Find the perfect fishing spot

Fishermen will hook you with their outlandish tales of man versus fish. If you want your own fish tales to share, whether you’re new to the sport or new to town, test the waters of Lake Georgetown, Berry Springs Park and Preserve, San Gabriel Park, and Blue Hole.

What’s in the water?   Cast for catfish, crappie, or bass at Lake Georgetown or other nearby fishing holes. In winter, look for the rainbow trout stocked in San Gabriel Park and Blue Hole. You’ll generally find bass and sunfish on the end of your line at Berry Springs Park, but it’s catch and release only. Blue Hole has lots of sunfish, too. While they’re not good eating, they’re great fun for the kids to catch.

Fly-fishing:   You can’t go wrong with a standard rod and reel and tackle, but in recent years, fly-fishing has gained popularity. Low, wide banks, flowing waters, and a run of trout make San Gabriel Park ideal for fly-fishing enthusiasts, but fly fishermen can fish any water after any type of fish. Don’t know how to fly-fish? The San Gabriel Fly Fishers club teaches introductory courses on casting a fly rod and tying flies.

Fishing off of San Gabriel dam

Where to take the kids:   Even if you use only an old cane pole and a red-and-white bobber, you can create happy family memories while sitting on the bank waiting for a fish to bite. Blue Hole and San Gabriel Park are great places to introduce the kids to fishing. Eager little sunfish take the bait, and children are thrilled with their catch, regardless of size. Restrooms are nearby, and if children get bored, you can swim at Blue Hole or play at the park.

A note for the adventurous fisherman: Noodling is now legal in the state of Texas. Bowfishing, however, is strictly prohibited at Lake Georgetown.

Contact Joe “Adventure Man” Armstrong, youth adventure coordinator for the City of Georgetown, for more information about the Adventure Program, the After School Action Program, and fishing with kids. He assists groups large and small who have interests in fishing, and he can help with fishing poles and tackle. Reach out to him at 512-763-8365 or joe.armstrong@georgetown.org.

For more information about the winter release of rainbow trout and the annual Fishing Derby, follow Fishing Derby at San Gabriel Park on www.facebook.com/CityofGeorgetown or contact Parks and Rec at parks.georgetown.org.

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