Beverly Mosqueda and Karen Huffman with bird houses

A friendship “for the birds”

Friends for more than 20 years, Beverly Mosqueda and Karen Huffman can communicate with a look, finish each other’s sentences, and predict the other’s actions. When Beverly and her husband, Paul, moved to Texas, they invited Karen and her husband, Jim, to visit. Karen and Jim loved Texas so much they decided to move here permanently, too! Always up for the next adventure, these two ladies discovered retirement wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and have opened a business together—and it’s For the Birds!

Friendship:   Beverly: When Karen and I moved apart, we did lose contact with each other for a time, but we reconnected when a mutual friend gave me Karen’s email address. I immediately emailed her, and it was as if we had never been apart! I think Karen and I are very fortunate to have kept our friendship going all these years.

Adventures:   Karen: I don’t like the term “adventures.” We go exploring. We’ll just get in the car and drive. Eventually, we always find our way back. We’ve seen some unique things.
Beverly: It’s true.
Karen: We do have a habit of not realizing how old we really are. We’ve gone tubing down the [river in] New Braunfels [and] mountain climbing in New Mexico.
Beverly: White water rafting in Colorado. We really don’t know until about two days later that we probably shouldn’t have done [these things] until our bodies go, “What the heck were you thinking?”

Friendly Business:   Beverly: Karen and I share a mutual respect for each other’s feelings, and we’re always thinking of little things to do that will make the other laugh or give a bit of relief from stressful situations. We know people who say you shouldn’t go into business with your friends, but we really couldn’t think of anyone else we’d rather go into business with.
Karen: What could be better than doing something that’s a lot of fun, being with your friends, and blessing anyone who comes in the shop?
Beverly: And making more friends!

You can visit Karen and Beverly at their new store, For the Birds, at 1103 Williams Dr. #400, 512-688-5278, or visit for all your bird needs. For the Birds carries premium wild bird seed, accessories like feeders and birdbaths, books and unique Texas-made gifts. Business hours are Tuesday–Friday, 10 AM–5:30 PM, and Saturday 10 AM–PM.

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