Karen Crosby

Karen Crosby talks about raising kids who give back

Karen Crosby didn’t set out to raise a professional football player. Instead, the mom of Mason Crosby, kicker for the Green Bay Packers, set out to raise Mason and her other children, Ashley and Rees, to be good people. Here, the founder of The Locker, a service learning project with the motto “Kids Helping Kids,” talks about why raising children who give back is so important.

Respect:   I raised my children to respect everyone equally. They were taught to show the same respect at school for the custodian as the principal, to look people in the eye and shake their hands. This is the start of all service to others.

Service:   We always helped others who were struggling or had a need. I would take a meal or other items to a friend or someone in the community who was having a hard time. I tried to show the kids that it wasn’t a big deal—it’s just what you need to do.

Open Arms:   Our home has always had an open-door policy. Eighteen years ago, we took Quinn, a 17-year-old young man, into our family. He was abandoned and homeless. He is still part of our family. We are his only family. We are mom and dad to him, and he is a son and brother to all of us. My three children learned firsthand what it means to help others in need.

Dream Big:   We dream big in our family. We’re not afraid to try new things. We talk to each other about big ideas all the time. The Locker started with just a group of athletes and an idea! We believe you will never accomplish anything if you don’t try. Our family used to listen all the time to this song called “Dream Big” by Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand. Give it a listen, and you will know our family!

The Locker

Visit www.thelocker.info to learn about The Locker and how you can get involved. Information about Camp Crosby and Mason Crosby’s Kicking Camp is also available at The Locker website.

Listen to “Dream Big” by Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand

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